Eucharistic Experience  

25TH MARCH, 1977

March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

During Holy Mass at the Offertory, “the Light” came over all of us, and I heard:

“May the heavenly ‘Light’ come down upon all of you.”

At the Preface I saw the Painting of “the Lady of All Nations” suffused with Light. At the Consecration, “the Light” was shining only over the altar and the priest, but as the Consecration was over, it spread again over all those present.

On receiving “Our Lord” I had a heavenly vision. I heard “the Voice” say:

“You, human being, come and follow Me, watch and un­derstand all this well.”

“The Light” went ahead of me and I came into a mountainous landscape. I knew inwardly, it is here from far bygone ages.

In front of me stood a bearded man who held a big stone in his hand. Then I saw stones appearing on the ground, all bearing a number. I counted from 1 to 10.

“The Voice” spoke to me:

“Watch well what has happened.”

I heard a tremendous noise and I saw all the stones having been pounded to grit, and “the Voice” spoke:

“They have trampled them down and crushed them. Come along, we ‘II go on.”

Then it was as if I had to take a great step and I found myself in quite a different time. In front of me I saw a grey old man with delicate features. In one hand he held a scroll. He raised his arms and I saw that he was looking at something.

“The Voice” spoke to me:

“Watch, what he is looking at.”

I looked in the same direction as the grey-haired man and saw a heavenly, glorified “Lady” totally flooded with “the Light” and surrounded by heavenly beings.

That image disappeared and I saw the figures 3-10-12 mov­ing past.

Again I heard “the Voice” speaking:

“Follow Me.”

It seemed to me as if I had to take another great step and I heard inwardly: “You find yourself now in quite a different era.” And I saw ruins of temples, idols, havoc, emptiness and apostasy. “The Voice” spoke:

“Come, we go on.”

Again I beheld a mountainous landscape and some men stand­ing there.

And “the Voice” said:

“They are twelve, only count them. My Shepherd, understand all this rightly.”

To me “the Voice” said:

“Come, follow Me.”

While “the Light” was constantly going ahead of me, I heard inwardly: “Now again you are in a quite different epoch.”

I saw before me a radiating veil, which opened slowly. A mag­nificent ripening cornfield stretched before my eyes.

In its centre stood the picture of “the Lady of All Nations” and round its frame beautiful vines full of ripened grapes were hang­ing. Over the picture appeared the figures 1 -9-5-9.1 heard inwardly:

“Time is in full bloom.”

And I heard “the Voice” say:

“Watch, what SHE has been sent for. Follow Me.”

Then all at once I stood before a black veil which opened and I heard a noise as the cutting off at branches and 1 saw the grape­vines falling down one by one. It made a piercing, awful noise. Round about, I saw a huge ruin of churches. I felt a terrible de­spondency, lassitude and, worst of all, emptiness in my heart.

I heard “the Voice” say in a plaintive tone:

“Matters have gone so far as that. Times repeat themselves again as it was in bygone days. But…follow Me.”

And again I stood before a white veil, which opened very slowly. And in front of me I saw the Vatican. Everywhere small groups of sheep were wandering about idle in the Square. Sud­denly, the sheep changed into small groups of people and I felt that there was difference among these people. “The Voice” called in a plaintive tone:

“They are divided and dispersed.
You, My Supreme Pastor – Cephas,
I give you the power,
bring back the flock into unity.
Don ‘t let them go astray.
Then peace and quiet will come back.”

And again “the Light” went ahead of me. I came in an endless plain. On the horizon appeared the numbers 2-0-0-0. Then every­thing slowly disappeared from my view. I thanked “the Lord” and said: “Dear Lord, please enlighten my mind, I cannot understand all this, it is so difficult.” Whereupon “the Voice” replied:

“Communicate this. “

And I had to answer: “Amen.”

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