Eucharistic Experience  

31ST MAY, 1977

March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

During Holy Mass, at the Creed, “the Light” came from the four corners of the Chapel and spread slowly over the altar, the priests and the people present. At the Consecration “the Light” shone only over the priests and the altar. “The Light” was like a threefold beam with one ray shining over each of the priests. Afterwards, the rays gathered again to become one “Light,” and it was as if those present were in the shade.

At the Elevation of the Sacred Host and the Chalice, “a Voice” came from that “Light” saying:

“Thus it shall remain for all eternity, tell this to your theo­logians.”

And “the Light” spread again over all those present. When receiving “Our Lord” I had a heavenly vision. A wonderful “Light” went ahead of me and I heard:

“Come, follow Me.”

Now I saw endless space before me, and “the Voice” said:

“Human child, I have shown you all the ages of history. They are now living again in the middle of them. Watch attentively and understand Me rightly: Now the Maccabees are coming forth.”

And again I heard: “Come, follow Me.”

Then, all at once, I was standing before a large gate which I took to be made of bronze.

“The Voice” spoke:

“This one will not yet be opened, but…There is a great event in store for the Church.”

And I seemed to see and feel shifts and movements behind the gate.

After that, the wonderful “Light” went on ahead of me until I came before a black gate and “the Voice” said:

“An important event is also to be expected for your coun­try as well as for other countries. Keep that in mind.”

The gate opened slowly and I heard: “Now enter, human child, come into your own era. It is the same whirlpool as informer times. I have already shown you the pictures of destruction, strife, quarrel and death.”

Then I saw all the peoples of the world and above all this the bust of a Pope.

And from the sky “the Voice” spoke:

“This is My command to you:
Do gather them!
It is a heavy task to be taken on your shoulders, but I have
given you My golden thread.
Accept it and you will see the re-blossoming.”

To me “the Voice” said:

“Come, human being, follow Me.”

Then I stood before a closed gate; it was gold-coloured. I heard:

“Come into My Garden.”

As the gate slowly opened, I was allowed to enter, following “the Light.”

How beautiful it was there, defies all description.

“The Light” that all the time had gone ahead of me, now grew even more radiant and glorious and was shining over the whole garden.

I saw fine heavenly flowers and greenery. A heavenly scent was spreading and I heard heavenly music. At the back of this Garden, I saw “the Glorified Lady” resplendently beautiful. She was flooded with “Light.” It is impossible for me to describe how I felt and what came over me. I cannot explain it better.

I was allowed to stay there for a long time and to behold it all. Then everything faded away.
I thanked “the Lord” in all humility and said:

“Dear Lord, I don’t know why I have deserved this!”

And I heard: “Amen.”

Holy Mass was about to end and “the Light” slowly disappeared.

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