Eucharistic Experience  


March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

During Holy Mass “the Light” came at the Creed, when the words “Simul Adortur” were pronounced. It was shining over the altar and the priest and then spread slowly over all those present.

During the Consecration “the Light” was shining only over the altar and the priest, and we were in the shade. At the Elevation of the Sacred Host and the Chalice, I saw a glittering letter “M” appear within “the Light” over the altar. It radiated on all sides.

After the Consecration that “M” disappeared very slowly and “the Light” spread again over all the people present. It stayed till the end of Holy Mass.

On receiving “Our Lord” I heard “the Voice” saying:

“Don’t fear, My faithful ones, I am with you.” Addressing to me “the Voice” continued:

“/ have shown you the ages of history. They are right in the thick of happenings.” “The Voice” stopped for a moment and said:

“Don’t be distressed, see what will happen. The force of ‘the Prayer’ will have its effect. Watch well.”

Suddenly, I was placed in a large square. In its centre I saw a high pillar. At one side of that pilar stood a stylized Lily and at the other side a large letter “A” interlaced with a large letter “M.” Then men, women and young people came running along from both sides. It looked like an army. One group posted itself behind the Lily, the other group behind that “A-M.” More and more men, women and young people came from all directions and gathered around the pillar. While a flag was being hoisted to the top, everyone looked at it. The colours of the flag were white and yellow and in the flag’s centre I saw an emblem which I could not distinguish clearly, because the flag was hanging down. Out of the clouds “the Voice” spoke:

“My armies are ready for action.
Don’t be afraid. I shall gain victory.
Listen well, My faithful ones, I shall gain victory.”

Now all people posted themselves in front of the pillar so as to form the pattern of an enormous Eagle with wide outspread wings.

It was a marvelous spectacle on a grand scale. Then every­thing disappeared slowly from my view.

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