Eucharistic Experience  


March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

During Holy Mass, at the Offertory, “the Light” came over the altar and the priest and then over all those present.

At the Consecration I saw “the Light” shining as a large bunch of rays over the altar and the priest, while we were in the shade.

At the Elevation of the Sacred Host a beautiful radiant “M” appeared in that “Light” and disappeared slowly after the Eleva­tion of the Chalice. From then “the Light” spread again over all those present.

On receiving “Our Lord” I had a heavenly vision. I heard:

“This is a blessed day.”

And I felt how the Blessing came down over all of us and how it filled the whole chapel. Then “the Voice” spoke:

“Come, follow Me.
Watch well and concentrate.
I’ll take you to the Waters.”

I was standing in front of a large water or Lake. From “the Light” that was going ahead of me I saw an arm and hand emerg­ing. This hand was stretched out over the Lake and divided the water into two parts, one to the right and one to the left side. And a pathway came free in the middle. I now saw the “Radiant Figure” standing in that pathway and I heard:

“Watch well”

At the same time, the water on the left-hand side of the path­way had changed into a large, muddy swamp. From the bank I saw crocodiles, snakes, vipers, and other reptiles creeping in. They lifted their heads out of the swamp and it seemed as if they were swal­lowing up everything I saw disappearing in it: people, buildings and churches. All of it vanished into the depth of that swamp but for the small spires of a few church-towers, which here and there were sticking out. The “Radiant Figure” spoke:

“This is the scum. Thus it happened. But watch.”

And now I saw the right-hand part of the Lake with very clear, smoothly rippling water, like crystal. I heard “the Voice” saying:

“This is the water of the revival. Listen:
Like the Bride took Her Son to the Father, so you must take your little ones to
HIM Who Is.
HE is the Beginning and the Cope-stone.”

After the words: “He is the Beginning and the Cope-stone,” I saw a church and a building rising from that water on the right side. They were St. Peter’s and the Vatican.

While seeing lips with a finger put across them, I heard “the Voice” saying in a suppressed tone:

“The strife and struggle for the
True Doctrine is still going on.
Be careful, preserve it and don’t renounce it.”

All the while I saw St. Peter’s and the Vatican. “The Voice” resumed:

“Something is going to happen there.”

Then everything disappeared slowly from my sight.

But “the Light” stayed till the end of Holy Mass.

At the beginning of Holy Mass “the Light” came over the al­tar, the priest and all those present.

At the Consecration, when the Sacred Host was held up for adoration, I saw a radiant letter “M” appearing in that “Light:”

+    +
+    +

with a small cross on the four corners.

After the Elevation of the Chalice, the letter “M” faded away.

When receiving “Our Lord” I very clearly heard “the Voice” saying:

“Rejoice, Blessed be this Covenant.”

At the end of Holy Mass “the Light” slowly disappeared.

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