Eucharistic Experience  

23RD MARCH, 1978

March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

Maunday Thursday

During Adoration I saw “the Light” coming over the altar and spreading slowly over all those present.

When I received “Our Lord” – during Holy Mass – the Sacred Host lived on my tongue and I tasted flows of delicious water. On consuming the Sacred Host, I had a heavenly vision.

I saw a very large, radiant Sacred Host, emitting white Fire on all sides. Then it was as if heaven opened. Heavenly beings came down and gathered around the Sacred Host and many of them knelt before It. I heard “the Voice” saying in an almost imploring tone:

“My Cephas, – My Apostles, – My Priests: let a New Fire blaze in this darkness.”

(The words New Fire were pronounced with special emphasis.) “The Voice” continued:

“Let the Fire burn your hearts and let it shine all around again.”

(These words, too, were said with emphasis.)

“The Light will assist you in these dark times.”

Now I saw “the Light” growing still brighter around the Sa­cred Host and “the Voice” spoke again:

“And you, My people, open your mouth and your heart, so that your Lord may enter and animate you.”

I felt as if an invisible hand were being put on my shoulder and “the Voice” said to me:

“You, human child, The Spirit has touched you. He will enlighten you.”

It was all such a mighty heavenly experience that I am not able to describe or to explain it better. Then everything faded slowly away and I thanked “the Lord,” saying: “Who am I, My Lord, to be allowed to live to see all this.” “The Voice” said: “Amen.”

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