Eucharistic Experience  

31ST MAY, 1978

March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

During Holy Mass, at the Offertory, “the Light” came over the altar and the priest and, gradually, over all those present. At the Consecration I heard:

“Be faithful to its ‘True Doctrine’ Bring My people to Me and I will feed their souls.”

At my Holy Communion, I had a heavenly vision. I saw the whole world before me and I heard:

“They have ravaged My Church and chased My followers into wilderness.”

What I saw before me was all great chaos and I suffered a dreadful spiritual pain because of it. “The Voice” spoke:

“Watch well, and understand rightly everything I’ll show you.”

And I had to watch a lugubrious spectacle. I saw several large buildings. I recognized one of them as the side wall of the Vatican. The other buildings were seminaries and universities. From all these buildings I saw priests and clergymen coming out. I got frightened because their faces looked like heads of foxes, wolves and hyenas. They came along skulking and moved around searching like these animals. It was a horrible sight and I shuddered down my spine.

I heard “the Voice” say:

“They are those who have led My people into wilderness and have broken up My Church.”

Again I saw St. Peter’s. A bearded man in a long garment came walking on. Over his shoulder, he had slung a kind of cloak. He was a figure from bygone ages. He stopped in front of a large bronze door and from the sky a big golden key, hanging on a golden thread, descended just before him.

From on high “the Voice” sounded:

“My servant Peter, take the golden thread once more and open the door with that key.”

Then I saw that person opening the door, which was about ten to fifteen centemeters in thickness. The person, called Peter, turned round and I saw a very long row of priests standing behind him. “The Voice” said:

“Come and follow him, all of you.” “The Voice” continued:

“This is My last warning, to your country as well as to other countries.”

And “the Voice” said to me:

“You, human child, watch well. And you will understand all this.”
(the last words were directed to others).

Heaven opened and I saw the following patterns:

+    +
+     +

+    +
+    +

I heard heavenly music and I saw heavenly beings looking up at these patterns. Then rays of heavenly splendour came from the Cross surrounded by the four small Crosses and irradiated over that “M” with its crosslets. Together those rays gave shape to a marvellous crown on top of that “M”-pattern. I was deeply im­pressed and it is not possible for me to explain how glorious this vision was. Slowly everything disappeared, I thanked “the Lord” heart and soul. Then also “the Light” faded away.

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