Eucharistic Experience  

22ND OCTOBER, 1978

March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

(Inauguration of Pope John Paul II)

During Holy Mass, before Holy Communion, I saw “the Light” coming over the altar, the priest and the people present. After re­ceiving “Our Lord” I heard “the Voice” say:

“Come, follow Me.”

And I saw a “Radiant Figure” going ahead of me. Suddenly, I stood before a high mountain.

The “Radiant Figure” pointed at it and said:

“You must climb this mountain, until you reach the top. First choose your path.”

Now I saw on the left and on the right of the mountain a wind­ing path. I chose the right-hand one. It was a sandy path. After making a few steps, I sank deeper and deeper into the sand so that I could not proceed any further. I called:

“Dear Lord, I cannot walk along.” The “Radiant Figure” ordered: “Return!”

And all of a sudden, I stood again at the foot of the mountain. Now I took the path on the left. It was rough and rocky, but wind­ing so much that it looked like a labyrinth from which I could not find the way out. On the left side of that path I saw a mass of ruins. I tried to go on, but I got more and more entangled in that maze and I called:

“Dear Lord, I am getting lost, please save me, I am exhausted.” The “Radiant Figure” spoke: “Come, I shall help you.”

And, suddenly, I stood again at the foot of the mountain. Now 1 saw that a very long ladder was being placed mid-way against the mountain. I heard “the Voice” say:

“And now go up.”

I mounted the ladder and in no time arrived at the top.

Then I heard “the Voice” calling from the clouds:

“This period has come to an end.
The tide will turn.
Watch well! The face of the sun-dial has changed.”

And I saw a big sun-dial standing on the top of the mountain. The hand pointed to a letter “W,” but went slowly in the opposite direction and stopped at the letter “E.” Thus it turned several times to and fro between the letter “W” and “E.”

Next to the sun-dial I saw clergymen of various Oriental Churches standing near the letter “E.” One of then had an icon in his hand, another was wearing a pointed brocaded cap and others had different attributes. Moreover, I saw several Crosses beside the sun-dial.

Near the letter “W” stood an ordinary Cross, which was very tall and radiated on all sides. A large, scintillating Star surmounted the whole image and over it appeared the sign:

I was allowed to look at all of this for a long time, until every­thing faded away.

I thanked the Lord and heard “the Voice” say:


And “the Light” disappeared slowly out of the Chapel.

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