Eucharistic Experience  


March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

During Holy Mass, at the Creed, “the Light” came from the four corners of the Chapel over the altar and the priest and then spread slowly over all the people present.

At the Consecration, “the Light” shone only over the altar and the priest and we were in the shade, but afterwards, it spread again over all of us.

Never before, had I seen “the Light” so glaring, so brilliant and bright. I could hardly look at it, for it pained my eyes.

On receiving “Our Lord” I beheld a heavenly vision.

A “Radiant Figure,” more beautiful than ever, said to me:

“Come, follow Me.”

We came to an endless plain. In its centre was a high mountain with a ladder leaning against it. The “Radiant Figure” said to me:

“Climb this mountain.”

I mounted the ladder rung by rung, headed by the “Radiant Figure” who floated up the ladder without even touching the rungs.

On reaching the top of the mountain, I saw that this top was covered with a black cloth.
The “Radiant Figure” gave a sign and four male heavenly be­ings appeared from the four quarters of the mountain. I was in­wardly told: “These are the four evangelists.”

They took the black cloth away and I heard the “Radiant Fig­ure” calling:

“Ye nations, rejoice.”

Then I saw a white veil lying over the mountain. Again the “Radiant Figure” gave a signal and the four evangelists re-appeared from the four quarters of the mountain and removed that white veil, too.

“The Voice” called once more:


Now I saw the “Radiant Figure” gliding aloft with outstretched arms and joined feet and then turning into a majestic, brilliantly shining Cross.

Two heavenly beings emerged from the east and the west side of the mountain. They both had something in their hands and they made for the mountain top.

I saw that each of them was carrying a large 3, which they placed simultaneously in the middle of the top so that the number 33 was to be seen. After that, two more heavenly beings emerged from the north and the south side of the mountain. They too were carrying something. I saw it was some kind of leaves, which they arranged simultaneously round the number 33. It was a laurel-wreath. From the shining Cross “the Voice” sounded:

“It is accomplished.”

I started weeping and heard “the Voice” say: “Don’t cry, My daughter, but rejoice.” “The Voice” stopped for a moment and resumed: “The revelations about this time which I have shown you, have come to pass and will continue to pass.” After a pause “the Voice” continued:

“Carry on with the help of those whom I have chosen to accomplish your task.”

I called: “My Lord, how can I do that?”

And “the Voice” spoke:

“The Spirit will assist you and give instructions. The Light will continue coming in this Sacred Residence. It will be a place for the Lord and for Her, whom I have sent.”

Then I heard “the Voice” calling:

“Rejoice, ye nations.”

Now I saw the radiating Cross rising higher and higher, and after a last bright glitter everything disappeared from my sight. I thanked the Lord intensely.

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