Eucharistic Experience  

22ND JUNE, 1979

March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

At the Consecration during Holy Mass in our Chapel, I saw “the Light” coming over the altar and the priest and then slowly spreading over all of us.

On receiving “Our Lord,” the Sacred Host began moving on my tongue and it felt as if alive. I tasted flows of delicious, heav­enly water. Never before, had I experienced this so intensely as to­day. I felt that “the Lord” was present in a very special way.

Meanwhile, I had a vision and suddenly stood in front of a beautiful golden gate. It was a pale gold-colour and in the middle of the gate I saw a heart-shaped sign of a darker kind of gold. The gate opened slowly and I heard “the Voice” saying:

“Please come in.”

I did as I was told and came into a beautiful breath-taking sur­rounding where heavenly music was playing. “The Voice” echoed throughout the space:


After a while I heard “the Voice” calling again, but this time much louder:

“Rejoice, ye nations.”

And the heavenly music now sounded even more glorious to my ears. I had been listening to it for quite a while. Then “a Voice” came out of the clouds calling:

“Thanks to your Lord and Creator. It has been fulfilled.”

I thanked “the Lord” from the bottom of my heart. Then the vision faded away and so did “the Light.”

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