Eucharistic Experience  

15TH AUGUST, 1979

March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

During Holy Mass in our Chapel at the Offertory I saw “the Light” coming over the altar and the priest.

At the Consecration a radiant Cross emerged from within “the Light” and a large, brilliant Sacred Host appeared in front of it. Under the right arm of the Cross I saw a Crown appearing, sur­rounded by beautiful stars. I counted twelve of them.

The Consecration being finished, the Crown with the stars and then the Cross with the Sacred Host disappeared slowly from my sight, and “the Light” spread over all those present. It stayed till the end of Holy Mass.

After receiving “Our Lord,” I heard “the Voice” say:

“/ have told you, this period is terminated.”

And it was as if I heard a door being slammed. Then “the Voice” continued and spoke to me:

“Open your ears and eyes and keep your lips closed.”

And then it happened, as always in a vision, that I felt a change in my eyes and ears. But this time my lips seemed to be tightened and I felt within me a profound stillness. I heard “the Voice” say:

“Understand well what I shall show you.”

Suddenly I saw the Vatican in front on me and I heard:

“You Cephas, My Peter, You will have to wage a fierce struggle. Yet you will persevere and do what has to be done to defend the True Doctrine. Be sure to insist on celibacy, for that is the strength of your Church. Remind your priests. They will have to co-operate in rebuilding the Church.”

Then I saw long rows of men coming along, who all were car­rying something in their hands. I saw that it was stones they were carrying.

Watching more closely I could see they were Bishops and priests who started building.

And all at once a beautiful rebuilt Church stood before me and I had to say:

“And yet nothing has changed.”

And “the Voice” spoke from the clouds:

“My Peter, bring the glorified Lady – ‘the Lady of All Nations’ into you churches. SHE will lead the nations to ‘HER LORD,’ to Whom SHE was allowed to give birth by the Will of the

Then I felt a revival coming in my heart and a joyful feeling. I thanked “the Lord” with all my heart. At the same time the string of my lips was loosed and my eyes and ears turned normal as before.

Holy Mass was ended and “the Light” faded away.

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