Eucharistic Experience  


March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

During Holy Mass in our Chapel at the Consecration “the Light” came over the altar and the priest and in “that Light” a beautiful, radiant Crown appeared. It was more beautiful and radiant that ever before.

After the Consecration the Crown slowly disappeared from within “the Light,” which then spread over all the people present and stayed till the end of Holy Mass.

On receiving “Our Lord,” I had a heavenly vision.

I was standing on a beach and saw a wild, stormy sea before me. There was a terrible gale and the waves were running very high. In the distance a fishing boat loomed up. I got afraid, for I realised that this boat was unable to make headway against the storm.

Gradually, the boat came nearer and I observed that it heeled to the left owing to the storm.
As the boat drew still closer, I saw to my astonishment that it was a Dutch fishing boat where our Holy Father, the Pope, was holding the helm and some Cardinals and Bishops were sitting.

The storm was very violent and I saw that the Pope had a lot of trouble, because the boat was tossed about in all directions.

Black, heavy clouds were hanging over the boat.

But, suddenly, a splendid beam of Light radiated down from the clouds and lighted the entire boat.

I heard “the Voice” calling from the sky and it sounded like a command:

“Turn your helm to the right and hold it firmly,”

“The Voice” paused for a moment and continued:

“Keep your course staight and you will safely reach the shore.”

And really, I saw “Our Pope” turning the helm to the right with all his strength and at once the storm died down and the sea was immediately quiet.

Now I saw the fishing boat coming to the beach in a straight line. The Pope, the Cardinals and the Bishops disembarked and, to my astonishment, the beach had turned into St. Peter’s Square and I clearly saw St. Peter’s and the Vatican before me.

I heard “the Voice” say:

“Convey this, tell him.”

I thanked “the Lord” and then everything slowly disappeared from my sight.

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