Eucharistic Experience  


March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

During Holy Mass in our Chapel at the Consecration “the Light” came over the altar and the priest.

On receiving “Our Lord” I had a heavenly vision.

A big, strong tree was standing in front of me. From ground-level grew a large, heavy side-branch, which spread forth into smaller branches. Suddenly, I saw someone approaching rapidly with other men following. The group stopped near the tree, and I saw clearly that it was our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II ac­companied by some Cardinals on either side. The Holy Father looked at the tree with deep concern. He raised his head and I heard Him say:

“My Lord, what am I to do?”

Immediately, a very strong “Light” came from the sky over the Holy Father, and 1 heard “the Voice” say:

“My Cephas, you have called unto Me…listen. Remove that side-branch from the tree, for you will find that there already was destruction in the roots of this branch. It has been infested by the worms of death.”

Then I heard the Holy Father ask:

“But My Lord, how can I manage that?”

“The Voice” answered:

“I shall help you, look…”

And I saw a powerful flash of lightning, followed by a terrible thunderbolt, which struck that side-branch and severed it from the tree. With a heavy crash the side-branch fell on the ground just before the feet of the Holy Father and the Cardinals. Small and bigger branches which had fallen off that tall side-branch lay scat­tered everywhere. I heard “the Voice” speaking again:

“Take up this side-branch and see how it is worm-eaten. Have a good look at it.”

I saw how the Holy Father and the Cardinals did their utmost in lifting the heavy side-branch. Worms were creeping out of it. In the bark of the branch I saw the letter N carved and behind it Human­ism – Marxism – Modernism. Then the branch turned into a coffin and on that coffin I saw the letter S twice and some other letters.
“The Voice” spoke:

“Do you see the destruction ? Now things are going to be all right, for the tree can flourish again and bear rich fruit.”

Then “the Voice” said to me:

“Come, we go on, watch and listen…”

I had the feeling that my lips were being locked and suddenly I was standing in a hall.
I saw the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, sitting there, with on his right and left some Cardinals and other high ranking Eccle­siastics.

A door opened… and I saw some Bishops coming in. I counted seven. One of them walked in front.

To my dismay, most of them were wearing a mask and all car­ried a kind of plate with a letter on it in their hands.

The one who led had the letter U on his plate. He knelt down before the Pope and turned his plate slowly towards the Holy Fa­ther. I saw that it was a mirror…

Then a marvellous “Light” from on high descended upon the Holy Father. I heard “the Voice” speaking to him:

“Watch well, they show you a mirror image. And look… they wear masks, and behind the masks they hide their real faces.”

“The Voice” stopped for a moment and continued imploringly:

“My Peter, I warn you. Keep the staff in your hands. Start building up again.”

Meanwhile, the other Bishops came nearer, one after the other, and knelt down before the Holy Father. Each of them carried a plate with a letter on it. They all turned their plates and showed their mirrors to the Holy Father.

On their plates I read the letters in the following sequence: the letters “H,” then a letter “B,” and a letter “G.”

Then came a Bishop with half a mask and no letter. And finally two Bishops followed without mirrors and masks. Over their head I discerned the Roman Numeral VI. I saw that the Holy Father raised these two Bishops from their kneeling position and I heard him say:

“My sons, persevere, make a firm stand. I will send you Shepherds.”

He spoke these words almost whispering, yet I could under­stand them. Then unrest arose among all of them…

There is nothing further I could see, for all of a sudden every­thing faded away, while I heard:

“Convey all this.”

I asked “the Lord” to help me to pass is on accurately. Thereupon, “the Light” disappeared slowly from my view.

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