Eucharistic Experience  


March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

During Holy Mass in our Chapel I saw “the Light” coming at the Offertory. It was shining only over the altar and the priest till the end of the Consecration, and then it spread over all those present.

On receiving “Our Lord” I saw a heavenly vision. I heard “the Voice” say:

“Come along and watch. Listen to what I shall tell you and pass it on correctly.”

At once I was standing in St. Peter’s Square and I clearly saw St. Peter’s and the Vatican before me. Crumbled stones were lying in front of St. Peter’s and the Vatican.

Suddenly, a whirlwind blew across the Square. I could hardly keep standing on my feet because of the gale.

Nowhere I could hold on and I shouted:

“My Lord, save me.”

At once the gale stopped and silence fell around. A splendid, heavenly “Light” radiated all over the Square and I heard “the Voice” calling from the clouds:

“So when…the purification has passed, the twig can shoot again and grow into a tree with mighty roots.”

And in the centre of the Square, I saw a small twig sprouting from the soil. Watching carefully, I saw it growing taller and taller and in no time a mighty tree was standing in front of me.

I heard “the Voice” calling all over the Square:

“My people, you must implore the Father. Ask HIM for good Apostles, priests…and the Church of Rome will regain its strength.”

Then “the Voice” stopped for a moment and while I saw our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, I heard:

“And you, My Supreme Pastor, I shall open your eyes and ears still more. You will be the Master-builder of the present time and the coming generation.”

I did not see the crumbled stones before St. Peter’s and the Vatican any longer, and I was at peace within my heart. While ev­erything faded away from my view, I thanked “the Lord” and prayed: “Please, My Lord, help me to pass on accurately all these happen­ings.” Then “the Light” also disappeared slowly from my sight.

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