Eucharistic Experience  

25TH MARCH, 1980

March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

(35 Years After 1st Apparition)

During Holy Mass in our Chapel, at the Creed, I saw that the Painting of “the Lady of All Nations” was surrounded with heav­enly “Light.”

Above the Painting appeared a splendid Crown, which radi­ated in all directions. At the Consecration “the Light” came over the altar and the priest, and I saw a beam of Light from the Painting fusing with “the Light” over the altar.

On receiving “Our Lord,” I had a heavenly vision and heard “the Voice” say:

“Come, follow Me and watch.”

At once I was standing in St. Peter’s Square and clearly saw St. Peter’s and the Vatican. In the centre of the Square I saw a golden stem with a bud on it, sprouting from the soil.

While I watched, the golden bud unfolded itself. Petal after petal opened and the bud grew gradually into a big, beautiful golden rose.

Then I saw our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, with a few Cardinals and some other Ecclesiastics coming down the stairs of St. Peter’s.

The Holy Father was carrying something in his hands, they all stopped in front of the golden rose. The Cardinals were standing at the right side, the others at the left side of the Holy Father. One Cardinal beckoned me to stand at his side. Now I could see that the Holy Father was holding a Crown in his hands. Suddenly, the golden rose turned into the image of “the Lady of All Nations.” The Holy Father stepped towards the image and placed the Crown on the top of it. Then he joined his hands and stood in front of it, praying quietly.
From the sky I heard “the Voice” calling:

“And then…the Church, the Community that you are watching now, will return and flourish again.”

Then I saw the Holy Father and his following return to the Vatican.

After this vision faded away and I thanked “the Lord.” – “The Light” which had been shining in the Chapel over all those present, also disappeared slowly.

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