Eucharistic Experience  

25TH MAY, 1980

March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

Whit Sunday

During Holy Mass in our Chapel, at the Consecration, I saw “the Light” coming over the altar and the priest in three beams, which then slowly, like a folding fan, joined into one grand, lus­trous “Light” and then spread over all those present.

When I received Holy Communion, I saw a heavenly vision and heard “the Voice” say:

“Come, follow Me and convey My Message to him for whom it is meant.”

Then right away I stood in St. Peter’s Square and I saw and heard a terrible storm coming over St. Peter’s and the Vatican. A heavy rainfall followed. However, watching more closely, I saw the raindrops over St. Peter’s were like white fire, yet those over the Vatican like normal fire. Suddenly, I saw a person dressed all in white standing on the steps of St. Peter’s. He stood with his back to me and was watching the fire-rain.

All at once, the rain over the Vatican transformed into letters, first the letter V appeared and one by one other letters followed, until I could read:

“Vatican II.”

I felt as if there came a clip on my lips and heard:

“My Peter, look what has happened.”

The person dressed in white on the steps of St. Peter’s turned round and I now saw that he was our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II. He looked up as if listening, while these words were spoken, and “the Voice” continued:

“Watch carefully.”

A large map unrolled before us. Some countries I could dis­tinctly see: the Netherlands, France, Germany and Belgium, but other countries I saw as in a haze. Then the map was folded again and suddenly turned into a large prairie. A flock of sheep was graz­ing there peacefully. Then I heard the clattering sound of hoofs approaching. A great number of white and black horses came gal­loping along. They scattered the flock and chased the sheep, which were thrown into complete confusion. The Holy Father, too, was watching very attentively. From the sky “the Voice” shouted:

“Look what has happened. They have bolted like savage horses and are driving My flock to despair. You, Peter, must restrain them with ‘the Doctrine’ which is and will always remain.”

These last words: “which is and will always remain” were heard echoing three times all over St. Peter’s Square.

“The Voice” spoke:

“Look where it began”

“The Voice” paused a moment and continued:

“Beware of the wolves, My Peter, they come to you concealed in a sheepskin. Go through with your Shepherd’s Crook.”

Now I saw the Holy Father, head bowed, going back to the Vatican. Then everything faded away from my view, including “the Light.” I thank “the Lord.”

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