Eucharistic Experience  

31ST MAY, 1981

March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

At Holy Mass in our Chapel during the Creed and praying “Et incarnatus est de Spiritu Sancto ” I saw a lustrous “Light” approach­ing and within that “Light” this symbol with a large radiating Star in its centre:

This symbol was shining above the altar and the priests, re­maining till the end of the Consecration. Then “the Light” spread over all those present and stayed till the end of Holy Mass.

At the Holy Communion of the priests, I saw a heavenly vi­sion. I was standing in a large, hilly area, where I saw several golden idols with human and animal heads. Large groups of people came walking along, singing in a monotonous fashion. They knelt be­fore these idols and prayed with uplifted arms and repeatedly bend­ing forward. They were dressed in various loose tunics, some with a rope tied round the waist. They walked barefoot and a number of them had a piece of cloth halfway up their legs.

Suddenly, an infernal clamor came from the sky and I saw these idols collapsing like a house of cards. The people fled away scream­ing all over the plain and the hills.

Now I stood alone with the landscape before me turning round several times and within me I heard:

“This relates to a later epoch.”

Then from every quarter came men, women and children cheer­ing and singing. They were dressed differently from the former groups. They wore longer garments, some with head-cloths and bands around their heads and sandals on their feet.

In the centre of the plain I now saw a Temple with huge golden idols in various shapes inside.

On the front, at the top of the Temple, I saw sculptured mon­ster-heads. Inside, people were burning incense and I heard them praying in another language as the former groups. They, too, bowed low before these golden idols. Suddenly, I heard a frightening rumble coming from the earth. A terrible thunder and lightning burst out above the Temple. The earth trembled so that the Temple was tot­tering and suddenly fell into ruins. A few parts of the columns still stood upright. The people fled away in panic, screaming loudly.
Now again I stood alone and saw that hilly landscape turning round before my eyes. I heard inwardly:

“This was to happen later.”

And again there was a Temple, but it was built in a different style from the former one. On its front, at the top, I saw words in strange characters. On the steps and inside, I saw men with various tunics and different features and heard inwardly:

“These are Romans, Jews and other people.”

They were involved in vehement and loud discussions. And this Temple too 1 saw being destroyed with tremendous noise, thun­der and lightning. The fragments were lying all around. Yet again I was standing alone in that hilly landscape.

Suddenly, I saw other groups of men fiercely fighting one an­other. They had on various kinds of tunics, some of them wore a sort of loin-cloth or a waist-cloth of plaited tissue or metal. I saw several men with spears in their hands and others had a rope with a round stone attached to its end. With these objects they were fight­ing one another. They fought also in hand-to-hand combat. It was awful to look at. Watching I heard inwardly:

“These are Gentiles fighting against Christians and Jews.”

All this disappeared from my view and again I stood alone in that landscape.
Then some men dressed in long garments came along. They had a sort of cloak over their left shoulder. I counted twelve of them. A “Radiant Figure” walked ahead. The man in front turned to me and said:

“Come, let us go to the ‘Pascha.”

And at once we were walking in a narrow street with all sorts of people. In my vision I followed them through that narrow street, but…suddenly the men had vanished and I was going towards the priest who was giving Holy Communion. I received “Our Lord” not knowing who gave It to me.

Back in my place, I saw “the Lady of All Nations” with Cross, globe and sheep. She appeared very clearly out of a “Light” be­tween the Tabernacle and the Altar. I was very much excited by seeing Her and I was unaware of my surroundings. “The Lady” began to speak very slowly and clearly, She said:

“The Lord has sent Me to you for the last time in this Temple of Sacrifice and Prayer,
in order to warn you all. The time has come.”

She looked ahead and continued:

“/ have always set you an example to lead you to HIM,
as the First one among His sheep and I was allowed to bring the Prayer for all nations.
Keep on praying.”

Then She spoke with strong emphasis and seriously:

“Be faithful to your Church – the Church of Rome. Be faithful to Cephas, Peter your Pope.

Now She seemed to look into the distance and resumed:

“I told you: I shall not leave you orphans. I did come back.”

And She went on saying:

“He, the Spirit of Truth, will save the world if you keep on imploring.”

Turning Her head towards me She said:

“Pass on accurately all that I now have told you.”

“The Lady” paused for a moment and I heard Her say in a comforting manner:

“Farewell, till Eternity.”

With these words She bade me farewell.

As I saw Her slowly disappear from within “the Light,” I felt a terrible emptiness and sadness in my heart. Then I realised that the Sacred Host was still unconsumed on my tongue, so I consumed it. The whole vision impressed me profoundly. I thanked “the Lord” and “the Lady” and implored: “Please, don’t forsake us.”

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