Eucharistic Experience  

17TH JULY, 1958

July 17, 1958 by Ida Peerdeman

As I was in church this morning and followed the preparations for Holy Mass, something very strange happened to my eyes. I natu­rally had them open, as I was watching the altar. And yet it was as though my eyes suddenly jumped open. I cannot express myself hotter. I also felt it physically.

Then I saw the priest and the altar disappear as in a mist in the background.

A very bright light now appeared before my eyes. In that light I saw three figures linked with each other in a semicircle. These were of extreme whiteness — white fire I would almost call it. It startled me, for I could not look at it. I placed my hands before my eyes and really thought “I am going blind.” Yet interiorly, I was impelled to keep on looking and so I did.
Then something very peculiar took place: the three figures expanded slowly, becoming larger and larger, until they formed in a semi-circle. After this they joined together to form a circle. The centre still appeared as a dark patch.

Subsequently, the figures spread out towards the center. Now only a tiny spot remained dark. Suddenly that spot too was filled, so that all at once a very great sphere of white fire stood before my ‘ yes. I cannot express it otherwise.

I looked at it; all of a sudden I recognized the Sacred Host, such un I had seen it on May 31,1958, but without shafts of rays. I could scarcely look at it and a most peculiar state carne over me.

Thus it stayed before my eyes and I kept gazing. It was while fire — magnificent!

Then it seemed as if the Sacred Host slowly faded away and the High Altar as well as the Lady-Altar were bathed in a beautiful light. That lasted for a moment.

Suddenly, everything appeared again as usual, as it had been when I entered the church. The priest meanwhile had arrived at the Epistle.

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