Eucharistic Experience  

11TH MARCH, 1959

March 11, 1959 by Ida Peerdeman

Immediately after the Credo I saw the altar bathed in an immensely bright light. The priest and the altar retreated into the background and I saw nothing but light. From it emerged, in the air above the altar, three figures, framed by a faint, circular outline, just as I had seen them the year before on July 17th, 1958, in the same place.

Everything now proceeded as then: the light hurt and I thought I would be blinded. My shock was so great that I thought my heart would stop. Again, I saw these three figures expanding until they formed a circle. Then they filled up the central space, leaving only one tiny dark spot.

But now came the difference: suddenly I saw something burst asunder within that dark spot and it was as if I saw in that great shining circle two heavenly, divine Figures (forgive my presumption); and yet it was but one Figure with outspread arms. I kept on seeing two, whereas it was just one. It was something so brilliant and heavenly that I hardly dared look and yet I had to. The figure was floating, I would say, and fully ablaze of light, but I could not see any source of light.

Thus I sat gazing at it. Then it seemed as though something was breaking away from the two Figures and all at once I saw a Dove emerge from one of the hands, wholly of light and cm. rays. On the other side, a Cross appeared at shoulder level. All that remained before me, I do not know for how long.

Then all of a sudden, everything became a ball or circle white fire and I saw — or better still, I thought I saw a shining Sacred Host.

(When I left the church, everything in the street looked dark to me, although the sun was shining and the sky was a radiant blue. My eyes were still paining me from the light. Once again

-    I really did see that with my eyes. And what I felt at that moment, I cannot describe. I was in fear and dread and yet not really

-    simply overawed.) After the vision, the church bore its usual
look again. I saw the priest and the altar as before. Just the bell
rang for Holy Communion.

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