Eucharistic Experience  

30TH AUGUST, 1959

August 30, 1959 by Ida Peerdeman

I received Holy Communion and returned to my place. All of a sudden, the Sacred Host began to grow on my tongue, becom­ing larger and thicker. It seemed to expand and then, suddenly, it came alive. Truly! strange though it must sound, I felt it as a living object. It must seem irreverently expressed; yet it may help people to form some idea of it when I say, “It resembled a living fish in its movements.” I wanted to take it out of my mouth
in order to see what it was; but of course, reverence prevented me from doing so.

As may be imagined, I got a terrible shock — it was awful! Never having experienced anything alike, I could not make out what was happening to me.

But at the same time a completely different perception arose in me. something so delightful. I may well say, something heavenly.

It was a state such as I had never know. Then suddenly I heard,

“Be not afraid…I am the Lord, your Creator…the Lord Jesus Christ…The Giver of Life.”(The dots indicate a silence.)

“Just as I live in you now, I want to and shall live among all nations.”

After this the Sacred Host began to grow smaller and thinner; it resumed its usual form and I was able to consume it. Subsequently, I did not go to church for a whole week — excepting Sunday, of course — in order to check up on myself. Nothing out of the ordinary took place.

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