Eucharistic Experience  

11TH OCTOBER, 1959

October 11, 1959 by Ida Peerdeman

Today, however, October 11, 1959, it was repeated. The same experience, the same extra-ordinary state. Today the words wore, “I am your Lord, your Creator…the Lord Jesus Christ…the Giver of Life…Fear nothing. Through the Will of the Father and the power of the Giver of Life, I shall and will dwell among all nations, just as I now dwell in you…Do understand the Daily Wonder. Do what She, who was sent by Me — ‘the Lady of All Nations’ — has lull! you to do…Pass this on.”

Then the Sacred Host decreased in size; I felt it dissolve on my tongue, becoming smaller and smaller, until nothing solid was left to consume. Only a liquid remained, which had a wonderful kind of taste, not to be compared with anything else.

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