Eucharistic Experience  

31ST JANUARY, 1960

January 31, 1960 by Ida Peerdeman

When I had received Holy Communion and was back at my place, it was all at once as though the muscles of my whole body began to pull and contract, which caused me excruciating pains. Suddenly, the sweat of death seemed to settle on my brow. It became ice-cold and I was ready to swoon.

I knew, however, that in reality I was not ill. Strangely enough, I was conscious of that! I remained sitting quietly, holding my hands before my eyes and of a sudden a most wonderful state came over me, such as I had experienced a few times before. It was as though I was being lifted up and floated somewhere. Then for a good while I remained wrapped in a heavenly state ( if I may be permitted to say so).

When everything had gone, the Sacred Host was still unconsumed on my tongue.

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