Eucharistic Experience  

19TH JUNE, 1966

June 19, 1966 by Ida Peerdeman

When I entered the chapel in the Rue du Bac, Paris, a strange emotion came over me, such as I had never before experienced on visiting tiny church. I could not tell what it was, so much did it hold me cap-live. We participated in Holy Mass and I went to Holy Communion. When I got back to my place, the Sacred Host began to move again on my tongue and I quite distinctly heard the voice say (inwardly), “Do you now see the way I wanted? This is why I said, ‘Thus it is all right.’” (I had heard this on May 31, 1966). Then the voice ceased for a moment, after which I heard, “So be it!”

During this message I was deeply moved. The light disappeared only when Holy Mass was over.

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