Eucharistic Experience  

31ST MAY, 1967

May 31, 1967 by Ida Peerdeman

During Consecration I suddenly saw a light coming from the dial ice. The priest was as if in the shade, standing in the background. When I went to Holy Communion and returned to my place, the Sacred Host began to move on my tongue and I heard the voice of the Lady say, “You have now met the Lord. You will not hear my voice again.

“I have promised to come back in private, for the priests and for the Church. Now I say: priests and religious, return to your true’ (the Lady stressed the word) vocation, to the call of the Lord.

“And to the Church, the Community, I say: take the picture back to the city and the place the Lord has appointed for it. Speak to your Bishop. It is high time!”

Now a terrifyingly evil pressure was laid on me and the kneeler seemed to collapse under my weight. I saw the world lying before me and felt a fearful danger threatening it.—Everything was as black as pitch. I heard the voice say,

“This is My last warning to you. I may yet save the world,” Then the voice was silent for a moment, after which it resumed with emphasis,

“From now on My words shall cease.”

Then I heard the Lady say a totally foreign word; like an cry it reached my ears. I do not know how to spell it; it seemed Jewish or Hebrew to me, with a very strong guttural sound:

“Hoerach!” or “Gurach!”

I said to myself, “What is this I hear now? What does it mean?” And then the voice said,
“The Spirit will come. The contact will remain.”

And then the light slowly faded away.

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