Eucharistic Experience  

25TH MARCH, 1970

March 25, 1970 by Ida Peerdeman

When Communion began, I suddenly saw the light settle above the altar. The light was not as I had usually seen it. It was different; and I heard inwardly: “The light is overshadowed.” I do not know what this means. When I had received Holy Communion and returned to my place, I once again had a strong impression that “The Lord” was close by and in me. At the same moment, the light changed. It was exceedingly bright and more beautiful than ever before. Toward the end of Holy Mass, the light very slowly went away.

About 5 o’ clock, looking from our window facing Kennedy-Lane, we saw a procession moving towards the place where the Lady’s church is to be built. These were the people who had come to the Congress Building of the RAI in order to commemorate tin-25th anniversary of the Lady’s first apparition.

Within a few minutes of lively conversation with my sisters, I suddenly saw the light descending over the whole area and tin-people. It was as if heaven had opened. At that moment, I heard the voice of the Lady.

I thought, “That’s impossible! for the Lady had told me that Her words would cease.” So I was exceedingly moved to hear Her voice again. Has She perhaps made an exception for this celebration? Unfortunately, I did not see Her. She spoke more quickly than usual and from emotion I did not repeat Her words aloud.

The Lady said, “You have met ‘the Lord’ again today; and today you may once more hear My voice.”

She paused for a moment and then the voice continued, “I had wanted to bring an important and joyous message.—However, they have not listened.”

Then I saw streams flooding over the ground. It looked like a raging sea. I heard, “The waves of degeneration, disaster and win, are engulfing the world ever more. Do not let yourselves be swept away by the flood-tides of spiritual confusion.”

“Apostles of the Lord, remain faithful to your divine calling!”

The Lady again waited a little and then said in a very said in a very sad tone, “And you, poor souls that have lost your way, come back.”

Then all was quiet and I saw the light becoming greater, powerful and splendid. I heard the Lady say, “The hour is near. You, child, have acted well, very well; just as We wished. Fear nothing. Tell this to your Bishop.” The light slowly faded away. I heard the voice as if coming from afar, saying, “Farewell.”

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