Eucharistic Experience  

31ST MAY, 1970

May 31, 1970 by Ida Peerdeman

During Holy Mass I had the following experience: Shortly before the Consecration I saw a large, black plane.

The plane formed itself into a big, black Cross. Then within this black Cross appeared a smaller, narrower and shining Cross that sparkled on all sides. This Cross, ablaze in the midst of the black Cross, shone so brightly, that the big Cross became wholly bathed in its light.

Remaining Contact

During the Consecration I saw the chalice that was being raised, encircled by a halo of brilliant light. From out of the chalice emerged, in horizontal position, a “Spiritualized, Sacred Host.” This Sacred Host was translucent. After that the Sacred Host came to rest above the chalice in a vertical position.

I discerned a difference between the Host that was still lying in front of the priest, and the “Spiritualized, Sacred Host.” This latter irradiated such splendour in all directions that it hurt my eyes.

Then the priest took the Host that lay before him and held it up. I saw the Spiritualized Sacred Host combine with the Host the priest was holding up and with it form one blazing light. This was a most resplendent sight — words cannot suffice for adequate comment.

The next thing I saw was that the light that shone round about the chalice and the priest, was tending in the direction of the spot (in our room) where the Lady had always appeared. Then the two lights became one. For, in the meantime, the light that always ac­companied the Lady, had also entered the room. The whole room was now one ocean of light.

The chalice meanwhile stood on the altar and I now saw that blood was streaming out of it. At the same time I heard the words,

“They have reviled Me again.”

“They have nailed Me to the Cross anew.”

“Make atonement.”

The light stayed in the room all the time. Then it looked as if the light was being parted and presently I saw the priest, ready to distribute Holy Communion.

When I had received Our Lord, I heard a sentence in an utterly strange tongue. I asked, “What does it mean?” and heard the answer, – “I Am That I Am.”

It was not the voice of the Lady. I did not get the sense of this saying.

After a pause the voice said, “Make this message known to the whole world.”

To this it added, as a command,

“Lead the Rosary this afternoon.”

Then the light slowly vanished and I could see my surroundings again.

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