Eucharistic Experience  

15TH AUGUST, 1970

March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

During Holy Mass, in the private Chapel of the Secretariaat of “the Lady of All Nations” at Diepenbrockstraat in Amsterdam, where the painting of “the Lady of All Nations” had been tempo­rarily placed on June 26, 1970,1 had the following experience.

At my Holy Communion, I suddenly saw “the Light” of the Lady. Then there appeared on either side of “that Light” a much more grandiose, enormous heavenly “Light” which spread slowly over “the Light” of the Lady. In fact, it looked as if “the Light” of the Lady was being overshadowed. Now I saw a “Light” coming down from an unfathomable height and at a certain level it ex­panded fanwise over the other “Light.”

It was a very different Light. It is difficult to explain, but to me it seemed to be of quite another substance – still more spiritu­al ized, I would like to call it. I had never seen that sort of Light before. Watching it, I heard a “Voice” which I had never heard before, saying:
“From here the stream will begin its course.”

These words being spoken, I saw a powerful, broad stream of crystal-clear water running past at a terrific speed. It looked to me as if stars were swept along in that water, stars that radiated live sparks to every direction. And I also thought I saw gold in that running water. It was a wonderful and thrilling spectacle.

And above that stream I saw the threefold “Light” radiating all over it. This went on for quite a while until it faded away and I said inwardly:

“My Lord, I thank You for being allowed to witness this” (As a matter of fact, I always said this after hearing or seeing things like visions).

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