Eucharistic Experience  

25TH MARCH, 1971

March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

During Holy Mass (in the Chapel on Diepenbrockstraat) I saw a heavenly vision. First “the Light” appeared during the Consecra­tion. At the Elevation I saw the Sacred Host grow ever whiter and brighter, as if it was going to be white fire. The Sacred Host radi­ated in all directions. At the Elevation of the Chalice I saw a Cross rising from it. Thick drops of blood trickled down from the Cross and fell into the Chalice. Then, all at once I saw the Cross ablaze with beautiful light. It emitted rays to all sides and the Chalice became so beautiful that is appeared to be more precious than ordi­nary gold. I saw the priest standing in “the Light.”

Until that moment I saw priest, altar, Chalice, with cross and the Sacred Host, still in that dazzling “Light.” Then heaven opened before my eyes. I saw a heavenly vision and ceased to see my normal environment. It was an unfathomable, awe-inspiring depth into which I looked. The first “Light” was still there. But now I saw a second “Light” piercing it or – should I say – enveloping it.

I saw the Chalice standing in that depth, with above it the flam­ing Cross surmounted by the Sacred Host, shining and beaming.

It was all “Light” of two different shades.

Suddenly, I saw a broad glittering bundle of rays appearing all over this and slanting downwards on both sides of the other two “Lights.” This was the third “Light.”

I could quite clearly distinguish the different shades of the “Lights.” Then a magnificent, radiating white Dove appeared hov­ering at the top of that last bundle of rays. I felt a very profound heavenly impression during this vision. It was a moving sight, that dazzling-white Dove emitting its rays over the Chalice, the Cross and the Sacred Host below. Then that ensemble, the Chalice, the Cross and the Sacred Host, was encircled by stars; I counted twelve of them. One of them was larger and more brilliant than the others.

And I heard a “Voice” say:

“I am with you. “

I had never before heard that “Voice.”

Then there appeared in that vast depth representatives of all the nations and tribes of the world. They stood on either side of that vision and looked up to that scene.

Now I noticed still more people, who arrived at a fast pace, not to miss the proceedings. Some actually sprinted.

I said to myself: “They seem to be people who have lost their way and now they are retracing their steps.”

And over all this I saw emerging a large beautiful crown. It was not a crown made of gold or diamonds, but even so it was so beautiful that I cannot describe the impression it made on me. The whole experience touched me so strongly and I was in such a heav­enly state of mind, that I have no words to express it.

But I thanked the Lord inwardly for allowing me to contem­plate all this. The whole experience lasted from the Consecration until long after my Holy Communion, which I received in pro­found meditation. By that time the Chalice and the Sacred Host faded away and after a while also the Dove, the crown and the stars vanished.

Only then the first “Light” disappeared, followed by the sec­ond and the third “Light.”

When the priest began reciting the psalm: “The Lord is my Shepherd,” I was again able to join in.

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