Eucharistic Experience  

31ST MAY, 1971

March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

During Holy Mass (in the Chapel on Diepenbrockstraat) I saw a heavenly vision. It is very difficult to describe because it was so heavenly. At the Offertory I saw “the Light” coming over the altar and the two priests (concelebrating). They were enveloped by “the Light.” This grew stronger and stronger and I could no longer see the altar nor the priests. It was one ocean of “Light.”

Then, suddenly, it looked to me as if heaven burst open above me. I beheld an unfathomable, beautiful depth, full of Majesty and Light. And I saw a large and superb Chalice surmounted by a bril­liant Cross. On its top appeared a very large Sacred Host, radiating Light. It looked like white fire and it was almost impossible to watch it. I was allowed to behold this scene for quite a long time. Then I discerned, coming up from the right, out of that immeasur­able depth, a floating white figure of what looked like a young man. I asked myself: “Who is he?” I heard inwardly: “He is John.” Then I noticed that the young man carried the painting of “the Lady of All Nations” ( as known in our Chapel) in his hands and he placed it under that Chalice, Cross and Sacred Host.

And now I saw that the same figure was holding an enormous radiant crown in his hands and he place it on the top of the picture. After that the figure disappeared into the background. Then I saw great, brilliant stars emerging vertically round the whole vision. They were really splendid and I counted twelve of them. Above each star appeared a man’s head.

I thought they had faces from bygone ages. I counted twelve of them. I asked myself: “Who are these?” And I heard inwardly: “They are the twelve tribes.” Then, again, above these heads ap­peared other men’s heads and I counted twelve of them. Again I asked inwardly: “Who are these?” I heard: “They are the twelve Apostles.”
And again above these heads appeared twelve more men’s heads and I noticed they were bishops, because of their mitres. In their midst, I saw the head of a Pope wearing a tiara.

Then, below this vision, coming from the right, three animals and a winged figure appeared.

They took their place below the picture and the whole group. I saw a lion. It looked up to that group, knelt down and bowed its head. I saw an eagle. It spread its wings to full width, looked up and bowed its head deeply whilst fluttering its wings. Then I saw a bull. It also looked up, tried to kneel and made a low bow. Then the radiant figure came nearer. I saw his large wings, for he spread them very widely. He knelt and bowed down deeply. Now I saw an enormous beast with a monstrous head crawling up from the left.

I took it to be an ugly snake of enormous size. It twisted and turned its way into the direction of that group, looked up, and it was as if a shock went through its body and …bang!…quickly the beast wound and twisted itself into the ground. I felt a fright at the sight of it.

Then people came running up from the four quarters of heaven. They belonged to various races and rallied round the whole group. They all looked up, knelt and bowed devoutly before that heav­enly, wonderful spectacle.

Then I saw that a white Dove came flying along above that group. It stayed there, hovering on its outspread wings.

This was followed by a sound in my ears and I felt a violent wind or storm breaking over the whole party including myself. This wind came from the four quarters of heaven. It was like blowing with a tremendous force from West to East and from North to South.
Next I saw that figure named “John” again. He moved his hand around the painting, as if he was drawing a design. I heard in­wardly: “Chapel.” Then I saw all over the whole scene, the three domes of the church which the Lady had shown me before. But this seemed to me to refer to the future.

Then I heard a call in an unknown foreign language. I can nei­ther give the gist of it nor pronounce it. But I understood inwardly: “Let it be so.” Then everything faded away, first the vision, then “the Light.”

After having experienced all this, I saw the priests and the al­tar again.

I heard that Holy Mass was about to end and the priest was saying the Psalm: “The Lord is my Shepherd.” And I was again able to join in. I noticed that the Sacred Host was still unconsumed on my tongue. Only then, I consumed it.

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