Eucharistic Experience  


March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

When receiving Holy Communion, I suddenly saw an open space in a heavenly garden beaming with light. It is not possible to express in human words the beauty of that garden and that light. That light was heavenly and looked like dazzling-white fire. In the centre of that open space, I saw a grandiose fountain: the height and the distance attained by its jets of water were enormous. The longer I watched them, the more brilliant they became. In the glare of that light, they seemed to force one large interplay of the most splendid crystals. It was one great sparkling splendour. Once again, it cannot be expressed in words. After a while I heard a “Voice” from the far background:

“The struggle is over.”

And the fountain began to sparkle still more beautifully and majestically. The spectacle continued until the priest began to say the prayers after Holy Communion. Then everything faded out of view and I saw the altar and the priest again.

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