Eucharistic Experience  


March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

When the priests were distributing Holy Communion, I saw “the Light” coming over them and the altar. On receiving Holy Communion myself, I saw again the vision of that heavenly gar­den with a fountain in the centre of a large plain. Below this garden there was a large empty space and, below that space again, the globe. So I saw the ensemble in three scenes, one below the other. The globe was entirely wrapped in darkness. Suddenly, I saw the globe splitting up into two almost flat parts. Then a more powerful light came from the sky all over this splitting world. The fountain spouted its crystal jets high up into the sky and I saw them come down with violent force to that split-up world, which absorbed them entirely. It was all glare of light on that earth and I saw the crystals sinking deep into the soil.

Then a big and beautiful rose-in-bud, silvery and heavenly, sprouted out from that split-up world. This bud developed slowly upwards and stopped growing in the empty space, and was stand­ing now between the heavenly garden and earth.

The bud opened leaf after leaf and then that heavenly rose stood forth in all its glory. It is impossible to explain how heav­enly and glorious this vision was. Now everything faded away. I had the Sacred Host still unconsumed on my tongue. Holy Mass was just over.

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