Eucharistic Experience  

25TH MARCH, 1972

March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

At Holy Communion I saw “the Light” coming over the altar. On receiving “Our Lord” I heard inwardly:

“Watch well and understand the meaning of what follows.”  :

I saw the globe rotating in front of me. Then, suddenly, it split into two parts. This gave me an oppressive feeling, so bad that I had to gasp for breath several times.
Then I heard:

“It will be a life-and-death struggle, but ‘the Spirit’ will triumph at the end.”

And I saw people coming one by one out of that split-up globe, members of various races and tribes. Each of them carried a flag in his hand, thus representing all countries and nations. More and more of them stepped out of that world. In the end, they formed one long row of thousands of people, standing two by two.

All at once I noticed a young man dressed in white. He car­ried the painting of the Lady high above his head and called out to all people:

“Follow me.”

Then that row of people began to follow behind the painting. And now I saw that the painting was standing in a chapel. All these nations, one by one, carried their flags into that place. They all gathered round the painting of the Lady. Then, all at once, I found myself standing outside the chapel and I saw high up in the far distance the domes of the church that is to come. I saw heaven bursting open and I heard the most beautiful heavenly music. And one great pageant of splendour showed up before my eyes in an endless heavenly vista. I saw a magnificent rose-in-bloom from which the glorified Lady slowly emerged. She wore an indescrib­ably brilliant crown. But this time, She was also a more spiritual­ized person. And I heard:

“Now you see Her not as She used to appear, but like She is in the Kingdom.

Her mission on earth has come to an end now. The Holy Spirit will rule. The Lord shows you this vision in order that you may proclaim this message to all people.”

And then I saw that young-man-in-white bow low before Her throne. It was as if some proclamation were called throughout the heavenly space in an unknown language. I wondered what it meant. I heard in reply:

“This is a heavenly greeting.”

And I saw again that chapel and that row of people with their flags, marching from the chapel to the church-to-come. And I heard inwardly: “That will be for later on.”

Now “the Light” faded away and Holy Mass was at an end.

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