Eucharistic Experience  

31ST MAY, 1972

March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

On receiving Holy Communion (in the Chapel on Diepenbrockstraat) I saw a vision. It was as if heaven burst open before my eyes. Again I saw the glorified, crowned Lady in this heavenly vision, but this time in the far distance. Then heaven closed again. Thereupon, heaven opened anew and I saw two groups of spirits facing each other. One of those spirits had a kind of sword in his hand. And I watched those two groups.

Suddenly, the opposing group was mown down. This seemed to me a scene from bygone ages, at least I understood it inwardly. Now, all of a sudden, I saw the same happening on earth, but this time two groups of human beings stood facing each other. One group was mown down by the opposing group.

Then came a Light so fierce that I had to cover my eyes with my hand. There were three rays. One in the middle, one on the right and one on the left, pointing downwards to the earth, which was lit up completely. Next I saw a very beautifully bright road, right in front of me, with a sort of slope which looked like a lawn at its edge. At the end of that road was a gate with a big, gold-coloured door. A large flock of sheep came up from the left and from the right. And from that “Light” I heard a “Voice” saying:

“/ am the Spirit of Truth and Wisdom. I am the Water that gives Life. I am the light that wants to enlighten and fertil­ize all of you unto the true Doctrine and the true Faith.
The sheep will be separated from the goats.”

Then I saw the sheep pattering single file along that beautiful road and making for the gate. Every now and then the door of that gate opened and a small batch of sheep entered. This went on until all sheep were inside. And looking down upon that road I saw the goats slipping off that slope. But I could not see where they ended.

Then I noticed quite another stretch of farmland. I saw cornstalks rising from the soil. It became on large corn-field and “the Light” shone over it. All those corn-stalks bowed low before that “Light.” Then I saw in front of me a big ring which was broken into two halves. It looked as if they were held up on either side and then joined to each other. But the upper part of the ring remained en­closed. Then I saw an invisible hand closing the gap. The result was a magnificent, gold, round ring.

Next I was shown another vision. A sacrificial altar was placed before me. It was not a common altar, but an altar built up out of unhewn stones. And I counted twelve stones. In the middle was an opening from which smoke arose and coiled up. Then it changed into an altar as is familiar to us, and now in common use. A “Voice” that I had heard before said:

“Your Doctrine is good. Why do you revile it? Go back, you priests, to your true doctrine. I, the Spirit of Truth and Wisdom, will assist you.

And you (and this sounded as if spoken to others) remain faithful. I shall give you the directives.”

Then “the Light” faded away and the vision was at an end. Holy Mass already was over.

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