Eucharistic Experience  


March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

At the Offertory, during Holy Mass (in the Chapel on Diepenbrockstraat) “the Light” came over the whole altar and the priests. It was a magnificent, brilliant, “Light” that remained sta­tionary. On receiving Holy Communion, I had a heavenly vision. I saw a vast, empty earthy plain before me. Then, suddenly, I saw that the plain was covered with trees in leaf as if it were summer. Then I saw all those leaves fall off so that soon all the trees were bare, as if it were winter. Then I saw and heard that the branches were being broken off one by one by an invisible hand. I did hear the noise of it, which was so piercing and ghastly that an awful distress and pain seized me at every crack. The whole vision sad­dened me profoundly.

Now I saw only bare trunks. Suddenly, these too crashed down to the ground with a thundering noise. As I was watching the ravage of dead branches and trunks, great sadness and pain came over me.

Then I saw a beam of “Light” approaching in the air above the plain. In that “Light” a hand appeared with a finger raised in warn­ing, and I heard resounding through the sky:

“Woe to you who made this havoc.”

Whilst these words were spoken, I saw the hand and finger pointing downwards to those branches and trunks. I watched that scene and was again seized by terrible anguish. Then I saw the ground bursting open. All branches and trunks disappeared into the rift and the ground closed over it. And there was a silence round about me. After that I saw again a plain in front of me. But there was a difference. This time if affected me as if I were gazing at a heavenly plain. A bundle of rays descended on it from on high. It was as if heaven opened and I heard:

“And you, My apostles, who still are serving the altar, don’t be discouraged. Don’t fear. Continue faithfully along the same lines. Believe in Me and in the Transubstantiation. The Lord is with you. Gather the remnants and as­semble My flock. I am with you.”

Then I heard:

“Watch well.”

And I surveyed anew that heavenly plain.

Suddenly, a very thin twig shot up from the soil, like an arrow of fire. Watching that little twig, I saw it growing thicker and taller and it became a sturdy stem. Then I saw that stem putting forth branch after branch, alternately from the right and the left side, until I saw a magnificent golden tree standing in front of me. Then buds sprang from the top of every branch. At first closed, they then suddenly burst open. Now I saw a pure golden tree in bloom. I cannot describe how grand that tree was. Again I heard the “Voice” from heaven:

“Don’t be afraid. The Lord is with you. But…first the storm will come.”

Then the vision faded away. Holy Mass was over. And the Sa­cred Host was still unconsumed on my tongue. I said inwardly:

“Lord, I don’t understand anything of these visions. But I thank You in all humility for what I have seen.”

Then “the Light” disappeared.

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