Eucharistic Experience  


March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

During Holy Mass (in the Chapel on Diepenbrockstraat) at the Consecration, I saw “the Light” coming. Gorgeous Light. I was watching the painting and it was as if the Lady stood there in fes­tive attire. When receiving “Our Lord” I heard:

“Watch and listen attentively to what I let you see and hear.”

And I saw heaven opening and I had a magnificent, heavenly vision. Now I understood that “the Light” came from on high. It shone across an open plain, dazzling beautiful.

In the centre of that plain stood again that magnificent golden tree with golden leaves and buds, which I had seen before. As I was watching, I saw the buds burst open and become beautiful flowers. Then I saw around the tree a bare patch of ground and round about it crystal-clear running water.

Suddenly, the flowers fell down one by one, and dropped on that bare patch around the tree. Then it was as if that round-about running water grew still more living. It sprayed sparkling water on the flowers on the ground.

Above all this I saw a glorious “Sun” in the sky. It was not an ordinary “sun,” but a heavenly “Sun.” Now twelve stars appeared and they formed an arc around the “Sun,” and over all this I saw a rainbow of enormous size. And I heard “the Voice” saying very clearly:

“You, My faithful servants, take courage and stand by the ‘Truth!’ 1 cannot insist too much on this. You will propa­gate ‘the Truth.’ The hour has almost come.”

Then I saw a blessing Hand coming forth from heaven and on the earth below I saw people kneeling and prostrating in rever­ence. Then I saw an image of a Pope wearing a tiara and I heard inwardly:

“It does an about-turn. “

Thereupon, four men arrived taking up archwise processions in twos on either side of that image of the Pope. Each of them carried in his hand a book engraved with a different symbol. The first had an Eagle, another a Bull, the next a Lion and the last a winged Person. “The Voice” sounded again:

“You, My faithful servants, don’t be afraid, fight for the Truth and bring Her back into your midst.”

Now the twelve stars began scintillating splendidly. It was such a profound heavenly vision, that I cannot describe it in human words.

“The Light” withdrew slowly and I said inwardly: “My Lord, I have placed all my trust in You. I thank You for what I was al­lowed to see and hear.”

Holy Mass already was over and the Sacred Host was still unconsumed on my tongue.

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