Eucharistic Experience  

25TH MARCH, 1973

March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

At the Consecration I saw “the Light” coming and immedi­ately after the Elevation of the Chalice I had a heavenly vision. From the clouds I saw a hand coming and a finger pointed to the earth. I heard “the Voice” call:

“Death and destruction.”

I saw the earth and over it hovered death and destruction. On it lay skulls and cross-bones, and the earth looked as if a pestilence had passed over it. Then “the Voice” sounded again:

“Once more I tell you: Woe to you who have made this havoc and caused this destruction.”

Now I saw a winding-path with crawling beasts.

I thought they were lobster, but I heard inwardly: “scorpions.” The path on which they crawled and twisted reminded me of a snake’s path. Suddenly, I saw those scorpions change into human beings! I took them to be many men. I only saw their backs.
A terrific storm broke over them and I heard the thunderclaps. Again I heard “the Voice” say:

“Follow Me and undergo what they will forfeit if they do not return from that path”

And it was as if I were uplifted and I felt like having been transferred into a profound heavenly condition. It was as if I were among other people, who all had come to the Kingdom. I cannot describe that situation for it was so profound, so spiritual.
I was allowed to stay there quite a while. After that I came back to my first condition. Meantime, I had received Holy Com­munion. And I heard “the Voice” say:

“/ am with you, watch well and listen. And you, understand all this rightly.”

It was as if these last words were spoken to other people. Now I saw the Vatican and I heard:

“The process between the Spirit and destruction is in full progress.”

Next I saw a triangle with an eye inside and I heard:

“And you, my shepherds, where are you?
Will you too revile Me ?
Think of your true duty and vocation.
Reassemble My flocks that are left.
Take My lambs into safe keeping and lead them back to the ‘daily miracle.’ Only there peace and rest can be found.
Carry Me again through the streets and across the squares. Remain faithful and the Spirit will help you.
He will feed you with the heavenly Manna and let you drink from the water of the Spring.”

A great joy came over me and it was as if everything beamed with Light. I saw a large cornfield and the sheaves stood bundled there. A rainbow formed over it, whilst it was raining. While I stood watching, I saw men carrying away the bundled corn sheaves. There were also small groups of sheep and lambs about with their shepherd. All this was taken to a big church.

Suddenly, they turned into people of different races.

Then in a flash, I saw a chapel and the church I had already seen before and I heard:

“The Spouse of the Lord was not sent to the earth for no purpose.
Make Her known among the nations. Understand this well:
Also the Lord stood in need of His Mother in order to at­tain to life.
It is through the Mother that life comes. Hence She must be brought back into your churches and among the na­tions and you will witness the revival.”

Then I saw a big, golden ring and in it appeared a dial-plate with a pointer, which started running and came to a stop on the central number at the top. In that way, the ring had changed into a clock. Next I saw a Pope.

Four books, embossed with animal-emblems, were laid in front of him. Thereupon, I was shown a triangle and in it another tri­angle, a Star of David. And I saw quite another Community of Christians, but this seemed to be for the future. Suddenly, I stood in a heavenly plain and in its centre a branch came up from the soil. And on that branch grew a heavenly golden rose. Watching these proceedings, I saw “the Light” flaring up and then fading away very slowly.

And I noticed that I had the Sacred Host still unconsumed on my tongue.

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