Eucharistic Experience  

31ST MAY, 1973

March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

At the Consecration I saw an enormously bright “Light” com­ing over the altar and the priest.

At the Elevation of the Sacred Host, It began to live. I had an awareness that “the Lord” was present. I heard:

“Ye, nations, kneel before your Lord, He is here.”

At the elevation of the Chalice I saw a glorious Cross hovering over it and a sort of letter “A” appeared to the left and a letter “O” to the right of it. Then I had a heavenly vision.
In front of me I saw a dragon with several heads and I counted seven of them, each with its own character. Together they formed one big muzzle, which opened suddenly and vomited something.

I saw that is was all vipers they vomited. Lying about between them were lots of eggs, which they themselves gobbled up. It was a nasty and horrible sight and I felt a nausea in my heart. I heard:

“You, brood of vipers, woe to you.”

The world was black and I heard inwardly:

“The world is going all to pieces in many ways and must be saved.”

After this the whole image was washed away out of sight like a mass of mud. Then there was a shower and I noticed that is was raining Manna. It dropped on the ground and was eagerly picked up. After this a plain came to my view and in its centre I saw a kind of tower. It looked as if someone threw a lasso – but I heard in­wardly “cincture” – around that tower and pulled it down. And only a heap of rubble was left.

While I stood watching, it seemed that years were passing and again I saw a plain on which this time a new tower was under construction. When it was ready, it was much nicer and higher and stood beaming in the sunlight.

In a flash, a rock stood in front of me and in the soil next to it was a staff with a snake. Water and fire appeared round about it. I heard a clock striking with very sonorous strokes and I counted twelve. Next I saw another Rock, much higher and more impres­sive. And from heaven came down a staff with a brass snake. It landed exactly next to the Rock. And four books were laid in front of it. I heard:

“You are My Rock.

In the same way as the seed sprouts in the soil, you will make the Church, the Community flower again. And you, My shepherds and apostles, are you discouraged and de­feated? Maintain your faith in Me.

Understand well that knowledge does not proceed from man but from the Holy Spirit, Who proceeds from the Fa­ther and the Son. He alone gives knowledge and wisdom, for nothing takes its rise from man himself. Stand firm and let no one mislead you. I have shown you the image of the vipers. Keep it in mind.

Rome, keep watching, your enemy lies in wait.

And ye, peoples, rally and unit in the name of ‘the Lady of All Nations.’”

Then I heard:

“Follow Me.”

And I saw a radiant blue sky with a large white cloud. This opened and I was taken up again into the Kingdom, but this time it was much more heavenly than before. I have no words for it, it was just heavenly great. When I saw “the Lord” in all His glory, I heard:

“As you see Me, so do you see the Father. The Spirit pro­ceeds from the Father and Me.”

I also saw the crowned Lady in Her heavenly splendour. And I heard heavenly music.

Then I saw a lion, a bull, an angel and a big eagle coming in front of this heavenly throne. They bowed low before that heav­enly scene. Now I saw coming glorified people of various races. They too bowed most reverently before this throne. Once again, it is impossible for me to describe how stirring and heavenly this scene was.

After that I was returned to my first condition. But this grieved me so much that tears poured from my earthly eyes. I heard:

“Join hands, ye nations. Widen your circle around Her. Build here a Chapel for ‘the Lady of All Nations.’ This is your commission.”

And I saw that the painting from the Chapel was being carried as in procession through the streets. We arrived in a large square where the majestic church was standing. Many peoples were rep­resented there and all joined the procession and entered the church.
In the church I heard:

“Now here is ‘the Community of all Nations,’ the world will receive its blessing from this place.”

Then everything faded out of sight. I had the Sacred Host still unconsumed on my tongue. And I said: “My Lord, who am I, that I am allowed to witness this? I thank you.”

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