Eucharistic Experience  

15TH AUGUST, 1973

March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

At the Elevation of the Chalice during the Consecration I saw “the Light” coming over the altar and the priests. It was a magnifi­cent, radiant Light. At saying “The Lord’s Prayer,” I saw a heav­enly vision. I heard:

“Follow Me.”

And presently I entered the Kingdom. This time it was over­whelmingly beautiful, surpassing all previous occasions.

It is impossible to explain what I passed through and saw. There are no human words for these experiences. Nevertheless, I will try to give an idea of the glory and heavenly splendour. I saw a tre­mendous heavenly “Light” as if the Lord appeared there in all His glory. I also clearly saw the Lady crowned in all Her splendour. I heard “the Voice” say:

“Continue along the road you have taken. I will assist you. Although…(‘the Voice’ stopped for a moment) don’t be afraid.

Your enemy lies on the look-out.

And you, My priests, be again apostles. Preach what is in the Books.”

I had already seen those four books lying in front of the throne, but now they were picked up and carried around. “The Voice” spoke again:

“Continue with Ecumenism, but… (‘the Voice” stopped again for a moment) in the right spirit, in the good sense! (this last sentence was stressed) Lead the nations to Her, whom I have sent through the Holy Spirit.”

Then I saw from the Kingdom, the earth lying beneath , as if I looked upon it from above and I heard “the Voice” say:

“Europe, be prepared, your enemy lies on the look-out. And you too, other nations of the earth.”

And I felt a kind of threat hanging over our earth. Again I heard “the Voice” say:

“Bishops and priests, My apostles, bring back My people and the Spirit will help you. But you yourselves must ad­here to the true Spirit. Go to the Roman Pontiff and im­plore him to proclaim the Lady all over the world. Now there is still time. This is your commission for today.”

Then I heard again: “Follow Me.”

And I went back through a heavenly garden where I heard heav­enly music. Then I saw “the Light” withdrawing slowly from the altar and the priests and I just heard the priest pronounce the last words of Holy Mass. I also noticed that the Sacred Host was still unconsumed on my tongue. I have thanked the Lord from the bot­tom of my heart for having been allowed to experience this heav­enly condition.

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