Eucharistic Experience  


March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

During Holy Mass, immediately after the Offertory, I saw “the Light” coming over the whole altar and the priests. At the end of the Lord’s Prayer I saw a heavenly vision. I was placed in a valley on a sort of hill, so that I could survey the surroundings.

In the centre of that valley I saw a bare plain. I heard “the Voice” say:

“Watch well.”

And I saw a magnificent, vigorous tree coming up from the soil in that bare plain. At every extremity of the branches I saw a name written in strange letters. The top of that tree was bare.

I heard again “the Voice.”

“Now watch well what is going to happen.”

And I saw a heavenly “Light” coming over the bare top of that tree, and in that “Light” I saw a Dove hovering.

Then something charming happened.

A magnificent golden rose bloomed slowly at the bare top of the tree and opened. Then I saw a very special “Light” coming forth as if leaping out of that rose. Meanwhile I heard:

“She was overshadowed and entirely pervaded by ‘the Light.’ She has been sent to save the world.”

It was a beautiful heavenly view.

Then I heard “the Voice” say from above that heavenly tree:

“Now watch and pass it on accurately.”

Next to the heavenly tree, another tree came up from the soil. It was tall and stately with its branches raised aloft. But it was an earthly tree compared to that other one. All at once I saw the branches drooping. They all hung slack and many of them snapped off. I heard:

“Do you see the difference and understand this rightly.”

And inwardly I heard: “That represents the Church” Then I saw, beside the second tree, a twig coming up from the soil. And watching it, I saw the beginning of the bloom, but it hap­pened very slowly. Then an enormous “Light” flood-lit the whole site from above. “The Voice” spoke again:

“Take Her back into your Church. Amsterdam, She will gather the nations into your city.”

Then I saw a group of people standing there, and heard:

“And you, know your task. Do what you are asked to do. She has been sent by Me. Take good note of what has happened.”

And I saw the earth rotating in front of me and noticed deep grooves and black spots on it. Then I heard:

“The prayer that She has taught you, has already yielded much fruit. Go on praying. Things might have got still worse. Watch carefully.”

Then I saw that the whole earth was black and on it walked “Death,” scythe in hand. And he mowed over the ground and all at once skulls were lying about everywhere (an awful sight).

“The Voice” sounded again:

“Keep praying. The process of purgation is in full swing and will still go on. “

I saw a large group of men standing there and heard:

“And you, My apostles, what have you done? Return to the daily sacrifice, to the daily miracle, and you will have peace and rest again in your hearts.”

Then I saw the trees and the twig standing in still fiercer Light and overhead I saw the Dove hovering to and fro as if It was busily engaged. I heard:

“The Spirit is here again. I have given you the guidelines. Do follow them and the Church will be great again. But first… (and ‘the Voice’ paused for a moment) various cur­rents will clash with one another. But… do push on!

Netherlands, you have shouldered an arduous task. Do bring Her back. That will also bring about the salvation of other nations.

And you, tell your Pontiff that the Holy Spirit is with him. Hold on and remain faithful.
Bishops, do join forces again, the Spirit will assist you.”

Then I saw the valley fading out of sight and I heard that Holy Mass was at an end. I still had the Sacred Host unconsumed on my tongue.

I thanked the Lord.

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