Eucharistic Experience  


March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

During Holy Mass (in the Chapel on Diepenbrockstraat) I saw “the Light” coming at the Offertory. This time is was a peculiar, “heavenly Light” that not only shone over the altar and the priest, but radiated all over us. I heard:

“The Light is radiating all over you.”

When receiving “Our Lord,” I saw a heavenly vision and heard:

“Look at your world, at the earth.”

And I saw darkness, destruction, barrenness and havoc and heard:

“Your earth is dark, torn and split up, parched and ruined.”

Over the earth I now distinctly saw a Star of David. Suddenly, it began rotating. At first the Star was fronting me and then it was as if it made a half turn, rotating all the time. After that, the Star came again in front of me and stood still.

And now on the left of that Star I saw a lunar crescent and on the right a hammer and sickle. Above this appeared a crescent em­bracing a star and under all this came a huge bull with horns; he stood on the left, and on the right stood an eagle and under this bird a winged Person with on his right a lion and a lamb in their midst.

All these images, Star of David, moons, hammer and sickle and beasts, began rotating at random; things swam before my eyes.

Down there on the earth I saw stone tablets, inscribed with letters. They were thrown to pieces. I heard the heavy blows and became very sad in my heart.

Then the whole image disappeared and I heard:

“Watch carefully.”

And I saw the sky changing from black into a magnificent deep blue firmament. The earth was lying pure and peaceful beneath. “The Light” was shining splendidly and I heard:

“Look up.”

And in the sky I saw a bright, large, heavenly Star, radiating like the most pure diamond. It sparkled in all directions and beamed a glorious light all over the earth. I heard “the Voice” again:

“Now I am speaking to you, My Church, My Community, Listen carefully.

Bring back your young people to Her Whom I have sent.

Support your bishops and priests in the true Spirit, in the right Ecumenism, but mind you, in the good sense.”

These last words resounded in the air as a call. And “the Voice” continued:

“Only then the earth will find calm and peace again. “

This was quite a relief to me and I heaved a deep sigh. Now, first the vision and then “the Light” faded away. The priest gave us the blessing, Holy Mass was just about to end.

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