Eucharistic Experience  

25TH MARCH, 1974

March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

At the Offertory, during Holy Mass (in the Chapel on Diepenbrockstraat) “the Light” came over the altar and the priest.

Afterwards, “the Light” grew stronger and brighter and spread over all who were present.
After the “Lord’s Prayer” I had a heavenly vision. It was an Oriental scene. A town full of domes and Oriental people. Then I saw heaven opening above and I heard a “Voice” speaking:

“Watch well what I’ll show you.”

The “Voice” stopped for a moment and then continued:

“And you, understand all this well.”

It seemed to me that these words were directed to other people.

The Oriental scene vanished and in front of me appeared a large wall, somewhat round-shaped. It was built with huge, rough stones. Suddenly, I heard a tremendous noise and I saw the wall crumbling off. I heard the stones falling with thunderous violence. It seemed to be thrown down, but I saw no one.

Then people who were not of our time, appeared. They car­ried the huge stones away one by one and started building. When they had finished, I saw it was an altar. And on the altar a fire was burning.

Inwardly I heard: “The Altar of Sacrifice.”

People were lying prostrated on the ground in front of the altar.

On a closer look at that altar of huge stones, I saw that is was not stones and that the altar was built of very old books. I saw the backs of these old books. They looked like stones.
Then a haze came over all this and I heard call three times:

“Nineveh, Nineveh, Nineveh!”

Heaven closed and the whole image disappeared from my view. Next a large, white, round disc appeared in front of me; it was divided by black lines and looked like a clock. A big hand pointed to the last part as if it were five to twelve. And I heard:

“Watch well and understand this aright. The period I let announce Her is approaching the end, but…”

And I heard the cracking of a whip, which sounded so terrible that I shrank together as it were.

Then I saw three Popes standing in front of me. On the left Pius X, on the right Pius XII, they both stood in “the Light.” In their midst stood Pope Paul VI alive with his hands inviting.

After that I saw an altar as we have nowadays and I heard: “Watch well.”

Suddenly, I saw the altar built of many new books. I saw the backs of these new books. Then heaven opened and an invisible hand placed a Chalice on the altar. Hovering over it came a large, beauti­ful, bright Sacred Host. From heaven I heard “the Voice” saying:

“The Sacrifice of My Son.”

I saw the Chalice and the Sacred Host growing larger and brighter and rising slowly until they disappeared into heaven. Heaven closed for a moment and then opened again. The Sacred Host was now standing majestically in the centre of heaven. It broke open and a tremendous “Light” burst from it. Something told me:

“Threefold and yet One.”

Then a spiritualized Dove darted from that “Light” and floated towards the earth. I heard inwardly:

“And the earth is as renewed and reborn.”

I heard the flourish of trumpets and I saw them being held by invisible hands.

At the end, all things faded away and “Our Lord” was still unconsumed on my tongue. Now just the following words came across my lips: “Greatest God, I thank You in the name of all mankind for showing us all this.” I do not know how these words came to me.
Holy Mass was over and I heard the blessing of the priest.

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