Eucharistic Experience  

31ST MAY, 1974

March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

During Holy Mass (in the Chapel on Diepenbrockstraat) while we were reciting the “Creed,” I heard a powerful sound. It came to me from four directions. I saw “the Light” coming slowly over the altar and the priests and then spreading over all who were present. It was a beautiful, heavenly “Light” and it stayed till the end of Holy Mass.

On receiving “Our Lord” I felt that the Sacred Host began moving on my tongue and I heard:

“Come, follow Me, don ‘t fear. I am the Lord, your God.”

And I saw a “Radiant Figure” going ahead of me. I had to follow and came to a valley. Over this valley I saw clouds and the “Radiant Figure” rose upwards into the clouds. From there His “Voice” sounded:

“Among you there are those who have betrayed Me again. Watch well and understand.”

On the ground in that valley, I now saw a monstrous head look­ing around in all directions. It had long tentacles and I counted seven of them. On the head were horns and I counted seven of them too. It also had hideous, protruding eyes.

Horsemen were coming from four sides. They rushed into the valley. They had whips in their hands and cracked them so sharply in the air that it hurt my ears. I had to count again and found there were seven.

Then the valley filled with people. They came from four sides. The horsemen whipped the backs of these people, who winced in pain.

Suddenly, these people turned into snakes and vipers. The horse­men beat and pushed them into large baskets, which shut themselves. Next, vultures came flying into the valley from four sides. They were searching on the ground, but were chased off by the horsemen. This scene disappeared and there was silence around me. Then I again heard “the Voice” calling from the clouds:

“Only after all this has happened…!”

And then I heard a clock chiming and I counted twelve strokes, the “Voice” spoke:

“Watch well and understand.”

In the centre of that valley I now saw a spring. A beautiful, impressive stag came walking along and began to drink from the water. From heaven a beautiful beam of light fell down upon the stag. This vision also disappeared and “the Voice” echoed all over the valley:

“Ye nations, watch what has happened. You had the Lady, your Mother in your midst. She will not come again, so you will not see Her anymore. But I will send you the Giver of Life, the Strong One, the Holy Spirit, Whom your Lady, your Mother was allowed to announce. Keep praying be­fore Her image and I shall work miracles.”

From the clouds I saw a pointing finger which beckoned me, and I heard:

“Come and follow Me. “

Then the clouds burst open above the valley and I saw that “Radiant Figure” rising and floating into heaven.

As for me, I had to pass through a golden gate. On entering I saw and heard that a feast was going on and I saw a magnificent vision. Heavenly music sounded and all heavenly beings were lin­ing up in tiers around a heavenly Throne. Again, I had to look at the valley and I saw all the nations of the earth gathered there. They, too, were celebrating a feast. I heard the Prayer of the Lady being said both in heaven and in the valley, and the Lord spoke:

“Tell them that it is all right.”

Apparently, the Lady celebrated a feast. Then the Lord spoke again and said:

“/’// send you the Holy Spirit. He will reign over the na­tions, but not… before all that has happened what She, the Lady, was allowed to announce by My will.”

And now I saw a bishop and priests and heard:

“And you, perform your duty and do what is wanted of you.”

Then I saw the Pope. He stood smiling at us with open arms. Once again I heard that heavenly music and heaven closed. I had “Our Lord” still unconsumed on my tongue and I said inwardly: “Lord, I am not worthy.”

Holy Mass was already over.

31st May, 1974

During Benediction, I was leading the Rosary. In the midst of the first decade an enormous “Light” came over all of us, and I felt strongly: “The Lady is here.”

After Benediction, a group of pilgrims arrived from Brussels. They had come by bus and wanted to pray near the Picture. They asked me to lead a decade in prayer. And again I saw “the Light” shining over all these people.

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