Eucharistic Experience  

15 AUGUST, 1974

March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

During Holy Mass, at the Creed, “the Light” came over the altar and the priest, and then spread over all of us. It stayed till the end of Holy Mass.

At the Consecration, when the Holy Host was held up by the priest, I saw This radiating on all sides. It was like one large, white fire.

When the Chalice was elevated, brilliant beams like scintillat­ing diamonds came from it.

On receiving “Our Lord” I saw a heav­enly scene. I heard “the Voice” speaking:

“Greetings, My faithful ones.” and then “the Voice” said to me:

“Again I ask you, human being, come, follow Me and en­ter in at the gate.”

I watched and saw a beautiful golden gate in front of me. On entering at the gate, I saw a powerful heavenly “Light.” “The Voice” spoke to me and said:

“The test has been withstood. Tell them that all things will come to a happy ending.”

I don’t know why, but I answered inwardly: “Dear Lord, I thank You.” Still standing in that “Light” I saw lips crossed by a finger and I heard “the Voice” speaking aloud:

“And you, My Shepherd, (I now saw a Pope) before you ‘II come to Us, I wish to ask you to bring Her, whom I have sent as ‘the Lady of All Nations’ into the Church, the Com­munity. This task belongs to your Primacy.”

A Cross came before me, which grew brighter and brighter. Then I saw a bishop and, in a flash, the image of another bishop. “The Voice” said:

“And you, you shall help him. Don’t fear, it is ‘the Lord,’ Who asks this of you.”

After these words I saw many people gathering round the Holy Father and I heard:

“The world is in distress. Bring Her who had to precede everything, into the world. Be faithful, don’t fear.”

Now all things changed before my eyes, and I viewed into the distance. Again I heard “the Voice” saying:

“Look what has happened.”

And I saw a completely renewed Church.

“This is for the future,” I heard; and inwardly I was told, “and yet essentially nothing has been changed.”

The heavenly “Light” disappeared out of sight, Holy Mass was over and “Our Lord” was still unconsumed on my tongue.

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