Eucharistic Experience  


March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

At the Offertory “the Light” came over the altar and the priest While “the Light” was spreading over all people, I heard: “/ am the Lord, your God, the Creator.”

Then a second “Light” came and blended with the first one and I heard:

“/ am the Lord Jesus Christ, Who bestows Life to life.”

After that a third “Light” appeared, and I heard:

“/ am the Holy Spirit, Who has to bring Light into the disorder and the darkness. Be comforted, all of you.” 

While this was being said, I saw the three “Lights” shining all over us as one “Light.”

When receiving “Our Lord” at Holy Communion I heard:

“This is a Sacred Place.”

“The Voice” stopped for a moment and then said:

“Watch well.”

I had to look into the distance, and far away I saw the Church which the Lady had shown me formerly.

I heard:

“Take Me from here to the House of the Lord.”

And now I saw that one Community of all Nations.

Then everything faded away and the “Light” slowly disap­peared. Holy Mass was about to end.

During Benediction on the same day, whilst I was leading the Rosary, I saw “the Light” coming down from the Picture of “the Lady.” The “Light” however, was quite different from the Eucha­ristic “Light” in the morning.

While praying I felt the Lady’s presence, but I could not see Her. “The Light” stayed till the end of Benediction.

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