Eucharistic Experience  


March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

At the Offertory during Holy Mass “the Light” came over the altar and the priest.

Afterwards it spread slowly over all those present and stayed there till the end of Holy Mass.

When receiving “Our Lord” I had a heavenly vision. I saw an enormous “Light” from which a large, white, spiritualized Dove appeared. I heard:

“Follow Me.”

The white Dove flew ahead of me until we came to a plain. There the Dove flew up and remained hovering in the sky.

In the centre of that plain stood a church with a spire. From heaven I heard “the Voice” calling:

“Watch, what is happening, My faithful ones.”

Then heaven opened and a big sword came down. The sword cut that church vertically in just two halves.

I saw these two halves widening from one another to become two open parts so that I could look inside. I saw people both in the right and in the left part.

Then, suddenly, letters of a peculiar shape appeared over the left part of the church.
They formed the word “Ephraim,” which I had to pronounce aloud. Over the right part appeared the bust of a Pope, holding two fingers high, and in the background I saw St. Peter’s.

“The Voice” spoke again:


Now I found myself looking through a pane of glass to the left part of that church. Water was running along the pane as if it all turned to water.

“The Voice” said:

“Watch well, it will be watered down.”

Then I saw waves rushing down and the left part of the church was washed away.
The right part of the church was still standing in the plain and changed into a whole church before my eyes. From the sky I saw coming down the image of the Lady holding a Cross and an orb in Her hands. I saw no sheep. This image was hovering around that church. Then, suddenly, the image stopped beside the church, and I saw the whole flock of sheep come trotting along.

Something told me: “They went astray and were dispersed.” I heard “the Voice” calling:

“Listen, it is She who will have to save the world.”

That scene stayed a short time before my eyes and then faded away. “The Light” in the Chapel was still shining. After the priest’s blessing, it also slowly disappeared.

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