Eucharistic Experience  

25TH MARCH, 1976

March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

During Holy Mass at the Offertory, “the Threefold Light” came over the priest and the altar and changed into one beautiful, im­mense “Light,” which spread slowly over all those present.

At the Consecration the “Light” parted to both sides like a veil being lifted. In the midst I saw the priest holding the Sacred Host. During the Elevation It grew larger and larger and then sud­denly It was like a sun of white fire. Next, at the Elevation of the Chalice, this “Light” scintillated as if It were a spouting fountain. Then the veil of “Light” closed again over the priest and the altar. My Holy Communion was a close union with “the Lord.” At once I felt urged to say:

“My Lord, I thank you for the Sacrifice You have offered for us.”

After that “the Light” slowly disappeared.

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