Eucharistic Experience  

31ST MAY, 1976

March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

At the Offertory during Holy Mass “the Light” came over the altar and the priests and slowly spread over all people present. When receiving “Our Lord” I saw a heavenly vision and heard:

“Come, follow Me.”

I came into an endless large plain where people lay sleeping. “The Voice” called from the clouds:

“Awake, rise and watch what has happened over your heads.”

People rose slowly and sluggishly. A big cross appeared in front of them. And “the Voice” spoke again:

“Watch and see that what they have made of it.”

Now the cross fell to pieces before their feet. These pieces were shaped into various figures before my eyes. It happened very quickly. The first figure I saw was a triangle. Then a kind of swas­tika, but somewhat different. Next a hook. I heard the timber of the cross being crushed and I saw how it was bent to the shape of a sickle in which to the left something like a hammer was placed.

After that came a sheaf of arrows. Then two triangles with their tops touching; they looked like a sort of diabolo. Next two triangles partly covering each other. Then a sort of gallows and some more figures, which I did not know.

From on high “the Voice” spoke:

“And that is what they have made of it. But…they have dug their own graves.”

And at once I saw people digging. It seemed to me they were digging large trenches. I had to look down into them and saw a bottomless abyss. From all sides lumps of stone were falling down into it and I saw they were fragments of churches. People also fell into the abyss and I even distinguished priests among them.

It looked as if they were swept away into that depth. I felt very sad and dreary.

From the sky “the Voice” spoke again: “And you? You were asleep.” “The Voice” continued to me:

“Come, follow Me.”

A Light was leading me and I had to follow. I came into our new Chapel, which was lovely and had a dignified atmosphere. From its four corners came a strong wind. I heard and felt the wind blowing around and over me. And from on high I heard:

“Blessed be this Residence, which you have prepared for your Lord and for Her, ‘the Lady of All Nations.’ whom I have sent.”

Kneeling down I suddenly saw “the Glorified Lady” with twelve stars around Her head and wearing a crown. It was mag­nificent and impressive.

From on high came a hand inviting the people in the plain to enter. And “the Voice” said to them:

“Come along, and the Spirit will give you rest and peace for ever and ever.”

And again the wind blew all over us from the four corners of the Chapel. Deeply impressed I said: “My Lord, I thank You in all humility.”

The Lord answered: “Blessed be you all.” I said “Amen.” Then everything faded away.

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