Eucharistic Experience  


March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

During Holy Mass at the Creed “the Light” came from the four corners of the Chapel and became one great beautiful “Light” above the altar and over all those present. On receiving “Our Lord” I saw a heavenly vision.

I heard “the Voice” saying:

“Watch well and understand.”

And all at once I was standing in a desert where, in its centre, I saw a group of people blindfolded with black bandages. From the clouds “the Voice” sounded:

“Ye nations, watch well, I shall unveil your eyes.”

All blindfolds dropped immediately.

Next I saw a huge cross upright in the centre of that desert and in front of it an altar; they were both made of dark brown timber. People gathered around it.

Then I heard “the Voice” call in a lamenting tone:

“Ye, nations, it will have to be again the Altar of Sacrifice.” Beside that altar rose a beautiful cream-coloured Tower; it was completely sculptured and seemed to be ivory. It rose very high above everything. Around its top scintillating stars appeared in a vertical circle. I counted twelve of them. And again “the Voice” sounded:

“Listen, ye nations, She is standing beside the Altar of Sacrifice by the Will of the Father.”

Then everything faded away from my sight, but “the Light” kept shining over all of us till the end of Holy Mass. I thanked the Lord and asked. “Dear Lord, please help us along.”

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