Eucharistic Experience  

OCTOBER 29 TO 30, 1976

March 26, 2012 by Ida Peerdeman

In the Night of October 29 to 30

This night I dreamt as follows.

I was standing in the centre of St. Peter’s Square in Rome and I saw fishing-nets hanging all around. They hung on stakes in or­der to dry and were full of holes and gaps. Here and there in a hole a fish was still hanging, trying to get out.

Where I was standing, there was a rock, and big dark clouds were hanging over it.From there I heard “the Voice” complaining: “Cephas, My Cephas, look what has happened. ” I had to look at these nets and over each fishing-net I saw a mitre hovering, some bigger, some smaller. And I felt myself caught within all those nets.

Again I heard “the Voice” complaining: “Cephas, My Cephas, look at these holes and gaps. That is how it happened that so many fishes got lost. ” Then a thread came down from the clouds; it looked like a golden thread. Meanwhile, a totally different large fishing-net was spread out before that rock. It had been completely repaired by that thread, and I saw no more holes and gaps in it. It filled up with wriggling fish and was firmly tied up by that golden thread.

Now a staff came down from the clouds and struck three times against that rock. It sounded hard as steel.

While all this was happening, I saw that rock growing larger and higher until it was a gigantic pillar. The net with fish was hang­ing from its top.

All this seemed very real to me.

I awoke and it was three o’clock at night.

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