January 5, 1947 by Ida Peerdeman

Threat to the world

I see the Lady standing. She says,
“Let them seek support in the Truth!”

She lets me, so to speak, feel over the world with my hand, and I get such a terrible pain in it. The Lady says,
“This is the world at present.”

I go over it again with my hand. Then I see an image of the world as I am now familiar with it. Then that image changes and it now, all of a sudden, has become a completely different world. The Lady says,
“This is the future world; it is very heavy. The world will destroy itself.”

The Lady says the latter sadly, and in a way as if she wants to warn the people: if you go on like this, the world will destroy itself.

Rome, be warned

Then the Lady takes, so to speak, the globe in her hand and rotates it. She says,
“It has to get better again, but …”

I look at what the Lady is pointing at and see all kinds of churches; I get the feeling that they are not Catholic churches. In the middle I see Rome. The Lady again shakes her finger to and fro in warning and says,
“Rome, be warned!”

Then I see the Church of England––this I am given to understand. I feel that a change is coming there.

Love of Neighbor, Righteousness, Truth

The Lady comes a step nearer and says,
Suddenly I see a bunch of all kinds of church-towers all close to one another. Then the Lady takes an iron band. She puts this band around the bundle of towers and ties it up. We watch this together. Then she lets go of the band and says three times in succession:
“Up high!”

As she says this, she raises her hands a bit higher each time. Then she starts writing words above that church, and I read aloud, ‘Love of Neighbor’. This she puts directly above the towers. Then on the right, but lower down, she writes, ‘Righteousness’. Then she goes to the left and there she writes, ‘Truth’. In the meantime I hear the Lady say,
“All this is not really to be found yet. How many times have I already said this!”

And she shakes her head compassionately.

All of a sudden I see Rome again. The Lady points to it and says,
“I cannot warn enough that they should truly practice this in the right way.”


After this I see great changes coming about, which the Lady lets me see. I see the following: huge red waves penetrating deeper and deeper into the world. The longer I look, the further they go. I hear the Lady say,
“That is good, but … more spiritual, genuinely in truth, righteousness and love of neighbor.”

Then it is as if years later I would see completely different spiritual movements arising. The Lady says,
“Once again I warn Rome. Broad-minded … they have to be broad-minded, but …”

And as the Lady points at those words, everything is suddenly gone.

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