12TH MESSAGE – AUGUST 30, 1947

August 30, 1947 by Ida Peerdeman

View of Italy

I hear that voice and I look. I feel a sense of heaviness coming over me and I hear it said,
“There is heavy pressure there”,
and I clearly see Italy lying before me. It is as if a heavy thunderstorm breaks over it. I have to listen, and I hear,

I pass, so to speak, above Italy, and it is as if I must deal blows. Then I hear,
“It is as if blow after blow would hit there.”

Politico-Christian struggle

In the meantime I see the northernmost and southernmost parts of Italy lying before me very clearly. In between I see central Italy. An icy silence reigns there. There are no people, nothing, only a dead silence. Then I see a large dome arise. Suddenly it starts to rain over it, harder and harder and with heavier drops. Then I suddenly see that they are not ordinary raindrops, but drops of blood falling from the sky upon that dome.
In the distance I see a Cross standing in the light and I hear,
“This will be a great politico-Christian struggle––Church politics.”

Secret meetings in the Vatican

Then all of a sudden I see a large room in the Vatican, and the Pope is seated there. Something seems to be going on in the Vatican. The Lady says,
“Secret meetings are being held there. This is happening several times. They assemble in secret.”
The Lady points at somebody, and I am given to understand: that is an envoy from America. In front of the Pope there are all sorts of papers. The Lady says,
“The Pope is kept informed of everything. He is completely informed about what is going to happen. It is said that there is peace, but in reality it is not so. It is all camouflage before the world.”

Then twice I have to move my right hand over my left, and I hear,
“That will happen twice.”

And I see a kind of point of time.

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